Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sunni V's Shia Muslima

Sunni and Shia Muslims have different requirements when covering 'their' women. Sunni women are fully covered with the burqa which covers the entire face with a mesh like covering over the eyes or the niqab where only the eyes are visible. Shia women choose to wear the Hijab which is the head scarf and allows her face to be seen.

In Saudi Arabia, the birth place of Islam, Shia women are required to wear the Burqa or Niqab in public for their safety.... they've seen what happens to a woman who isn't  covered and is subsequently raped leading muslima to believe they are at fault because they were 'seen'. These rapes result in barbaric stonings or being encouraged to carry out suicide bombings to 'redeem' themselves to Allah for their sin of sex outside marriage.

Muslima are taught that they MUST be covered and are extremely uncomfortable being seen by a male because that is what they have always known.

Ladies, you are NEVER at fault for choices made by another person nor do you need a male chaperone to protect your virtue, in Australia our laws protect you and we do not  tolerate violence against women. The beliefs instilled into you by your male minders are negated here. Break free from the blame put on you purely for being born a woman. You are capable of being strong and we give you the tools to do so. Come join us!

Dear Government officials, why are we supporting this practice? This isn't a society that holds the woman at fault for crimes committed against her. Why are we allowing the full faced, terror related, sex crime encouraging burqa? I beg you to help end the oppression and violence towards women.

What you see as a choice is not the case but a brainwashed woman made to believe crimes perpetrated against her are her fault.... THEY ARE NOT!



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