Monday, 21 December 2015

Makassan Muslims and Aboriginals

Who's debated with someone and had the old "Muslims traded peacefully with Aboriginals" argument thrown at them?

If these twits bothered to take 5 minutes out of the day and research this they would find out, that isn't necessarily true.

Firstly, it was over 500 years ago and there are no documented accounts of the interactions, only modern day anthropologists INTERPRETATIONS of findings.

Monash University anthropologist, John Bradley (who I believe to be not only a muslim apologist, but an Aboriginal apologist also), comes to the conclusion that the contact between the two groups was a success: "They traded together. It was fair - there was no racial judgement, no race policy." Even into the early 21st century, the shared history between the two peoples is still celebrated by Aboriginal communities in northern Australia as a period of mutual trust and respect.

But others who have studied this period have come to a different conclusion regarding the relationship between the aboriginal people and the visiting trepangers. Anthropologist Ian McIntosh has said that the initial effects of contact with the Macassan fishermen resulted in "turmoil" with the extent of Islamic influence being noteworthy. In another paper McIntosh concludes, "strife, poverty and domination is a previously unrecorded legacy of contact between Aborigines and Indonesians." A report prepared by the History Department of the Australian National University says that the Macassans appear to have been welcomed initially, however relations deteriorated when, "aborigines began to feel they were being exploited leading to violence on both sides.

In 1916, two bronze cannons were found on a small island in Napier Broome Bay, on the northern coast of Western Australia. Scientists at the Western Australian Museum in Fremantle have made a detailed analysis and have determined that these weapons are swivel guns and almost certainly of late 18th century Makassan, rather than European, origin. Flinders account confirms that the Makassans he met were personally armed and their perahus carried small cannons.

In conclusion, one man ignores the evidence of the distrust and violence between the two groups (which makes him a shitty scientist, picking and choosing the bits that align with his bigotted views) and all our lovely lefties take only his account to paint the picture that Aboriginals prospered with the muslims while the Brits did horrible things (and they did).

But, let's not rewrite history to coordinate with our own views, let's actually look at ALL the facts. The evidence tells a different story than the apologists want you to know, you only need to look.


Monday, 7 December 2015


So.... the UK bleeding hearts have come up with yet another hashtag to fight terrorism with their naive assumptions that islamic terror has nothing to do with #islam.

The latest one is #youaintnomuslimbruv     come up with when footage of a bystander called out "you aint no muslim bruv" to Muhaydin Mire while he went on a terrorist rampage through a London tube train station. The person who turned this into yet another hashtag fest clearly doesn't understand islamic scripture or history and instead listens to the bullshit rhetoric our appeasing leaders and media are spewing trying to keep calm in the community. These hashtags are designed to support the moderate muslims in the community, though by default they forget the victims. The #bleedinghearts have fallen all over each other to convince themselves that islam is peace when they clearly have NO IDEA whether it is or isn't.

Firstly, Muhaydin Mire attempted to behead a 56 year old man, which fits in perfectly with islamic doctrine and what we see happening in the world not only today, but throughout history also. Instructions regarding decapitation can be found in both the Quran, the Hadith as well as the Siras. The Quran itself mentions decapitation twice, including a verse concerning fighting unbelievers, in which it implores Muslims to "strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; then bind the prisoners tightly." Much of the justification for beheading however, comes from the Siras and Hadiths rather than the Quran itself. The Siras, the number of traditional biographies of Muhammad, speak of decapitation on numerous occasions, several of which portray beheadings ordered directly by Muhammad himself.

He called out "this is for Syria". Islamic doctrine allows war in self-defence (Qur'an 22:39), to defend Islam (rather than to spread it), to protect those who have been removed from their homes by force because they are Muslims (Qur'an 22:40), and to protect the innocent who are being oppressed (Qur'an 4:75). This man clearly thinks he was defending Syrians who have been removed from their homes due to the war on ISIS. Muslims worldwide believe the war on terror is actually a war on muslims. Do some research on why they turn to islamism and jihadism, it becomes clear very quickly.

Birth place - Somalia. 99.8% islamic country.

Muslim? Damn good chance of it.

Please stop making up bullshit hashtags and CONFRONT THE DAMN PROBLEM!



Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Open letter to Mel Gregson, No Room for Racism

Ms Gregson,

I'm writing this letter for a couple of reasons, but mainly as a response to some statements you have made to justify why you created No Room for Racism.

Firstly, the definition of Hypocrite - 'A person who feigns a desirable or publicly approved attitude, though when on closer inspection whose private life, opinions, statements or actions fail to justify his or her public statements'. Why is this relevant? Well, because I think you are a hypocrite. Let me explain why.

Quote "I respect freedom of speech but, people need to be held accountable."

First of all, when someone says they respect freedom of speech "BUT".... it means they don't respect freedom of speech. It's like saying "I'm not racist but" and then saying something racist... The "but" is put there to counter any objections. Using the word "but" in this circumstance is to introduce a phrase which contrasts what has already been mentioned. Look up the definition of 'but' if you're unsure of its use in this situation.
Secondly, actions speak louder than words. In this case, your actions have demonstrated, that what you really mean is you only respect speech you agree with. I'd like to take this opportunity to point you to article 19 of the UN declaration of Human Rights, which states; 'Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. This right includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.'

I'm not sure you understand the concept when it's someone with a differing opinion, your actions certainly indicate as much. Freedom of speech means no one has the right to forcefully shut down those with an opposing view. It means no one can pick and choose who they allow to speak. It means you can openly state your opinion without the fear of violence or stereotypical labels. It means you can disagree, but you cannot forcefully stop them from voicing their opinion REGARDLESS of your thoughts on the matter. Freedom of speech needs protecting, it needs to be something we as free people hold dear. If we didn't have freedom here, you wouldn't be able to make the public spectacle of yourself you have become known for whenever something causes your outrage barometer to go off the chart. Instead of being arrested at these protests you organise, you would simply disappear, never to be seen again. That is how outspoken misfits are dealt with in countries where freedom of speech and critical thinking is unacceptable. Is that really what you want for Australia?

Debate and freedom of speech is what makes our country one of the greatest to live in, why people want to come here fleeing awful circumstances, why they put their children in rickety boats and how we have progressed as a multicultural nation. But here are you and your social justice nutjob’s, shutting it down by force, under the guise of tolerance. Do you really want our freedoms eroded because someone disagrees?! #shame

This crap that people need to be held accountable for what they say, how on earth are you holding them accountable? By blocking their way and using violence to stop them? Wouldn't it be more progressive and tolerant, not to mention less violent to hold them accountable by holding a civilised demonstration where you peacefully refute what Reclaim are saying? Stereotyping and labelling your opposition is not a credible argument. Using racist, bigot or islamophobe doesn't mean you win, it means you really have no idea on the topic and have needed to resort to shitty labels to shut down your opposition.

No, you don't respect freedom of speech and you certainly aren't holding anyone accountable. Who are you to say who can and cannot utilise their right to freedom of speech? Who are you to think you are the only one allowed to organise rallies on the streets? Who are you to accuse those with a different viewpoint and who have actually done a lot of research or survived an islamic takeover of lying? #narcissist

Another quote "When ideas turn into a violent movement on the streets we need to pay closer attention"

Sounds pretty reasonable on the surface and I agree, but when I have a look at your Facebook page, I find it is full of posts such as "we need to stop Reclaim Australia" and encouragement for people to do whatever they can, so they CAN'T hold their rally. Again, actions speak louder than words and in this case, we see clear footage of you with your rag tag mob creating human blockades at the entrances to Reclaim’s event, shoving people, burning flags and chanting bullshit slogans. That behaviour intentionally incites anger and subsequently violence, but that's what you had in mind. You created a violent movement on the streets and you need to own it. #hypocrite

Funnily enough, I didn't see you protesting when muslims in Sydney took over the streets in 2012 because of a You Tube video that insulted their warlord prophet. That protest was full of violence, they knocked a police member unconscious and scared the crap out of the community in the process. Why were you silent about that violent movement on the street? Do you think muslims have a right to freedom of speech, but their opposition doesn't? Or are you scared to challenge them for fear of being labelled an intolerant islamophobe? How does this even make sense to you? It doesn't make sense and you clearly haven't stopped to think about any of this. You said you are stopping a violent movement when what you did is create a violent situation where members of the community were hurt. Not exactly progressive, tolerant behaviour Mel.

Now, you made mention of the police allowing Neo Nazis to protest in the streets, this sentence alone shows that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I'll bring you up to speed, Islamic doctrine instructs muslims to kill all Jews. Only then will their judgement day arrive. KILL ALL JEWS, Just like Hitler and his army of Neo Nazis. Ask a Mujahedeen if you don't believe me, that doesn't mean that all muslims want to kill Jews, but it does show that your interpretation of a Nazi is downright ridiculous. Your ignorance and stupid labels astound me. I could go on all day about the atrocities Muslim extremists have committed against Jews, but I'll leave it there and trust that before opening your mouth on Neo Nazis, you'll actually educate yourself on the topic. #knowyourhistory

The name of your group alone is hypocritical, it becomes clear when watching the footage of the aboriginal man ranting about how he doesn't want to be part of a white Australia constitution. Aside from being completely off topic, I found this highly offensive as it suggests to anyone who isn't aboriginal, that this country isn’t their home and they don't belong here. Ironically others had signs that say "refugees are welcome here". What this rant suggests is that Australia belongs to the Aboriginals and immigrants aren’t welcome, nor do they get the right to a voice. Or is it only white people who don't get the right to a voice? Your rally against racism doesn't make sense, in fact, this is racism at its finest. This man excluded the ethnic minorities we have welcomed here which is in direct contradiction of what your rally against racism is all about! But this is how you managed to get the numbers to block your opposition. By exploiting minorities. How can you even think you have a credible argument when your rally against racism is, in fact, rife with racism? #ludicrous

Another of your supporters was a female muslim doctor saying that you can't blame cultural problems on islam, but in this case you can. I'll assume you haven't done a great deal of reading the koran so I'll give you a brief rundown. In islamic doctrine it's perfectly acceptable to beat a woman, to lock her in the house until she dies, to stone her if she commits the grave sin of being raped. No one is saying violence against women is purely an islamic problem, what we are saying is that according to islam it’s perfectly acceptable and we are outraged about the misogynistic teachings. Why the hell aren't you?

Ironically, Socialist Alliance which you are a member of, have the audacity to stage protests on violence towards women but won't talk about the muslim women being beaten, raped or killed in a culture that dictates this treatment. Isn't that a little racist oh femnazis? If it's a white Australian woman we'll create events like Reclaim the Night but if it's a muslim woman..... Silence. #racist

In contrast to your demonstrators, the overwhelming majority of Reclaimer's were regular Mums and Dads who are concerned about the rise in islamic violence in Australia, I dare say there are muslims afraid of just that too, are they irrelevant in your stand against racism? Reclaim began from a woman who narrowly escaped being in the Lindt Cafe when an islamic nutjob took those poor people hostage and created our first real act of islamic terror. Can you imagine just for a second how she must have felt, knowing that purely by chance she wasn't in there with her young daughter? Had you bothered to listen for even a minute after hearing the word 'muslim' you would have stopped yourself from becoming the pest you are. Until recently, no one even knew who started the Reclaim movement, for all you knew it could have been a concerned muslim not wanting to see the islamic terrorism they'd successfully fled, reach our shore. #ignoranceisachoice

How on earth can you think if we don't oppose the call for radical islam to dominate us that the radicals won't be successful? Take a look around the world, islam has been very successful in conquering community after community, country after country, by scaring the shit out of people with violence should anyone dare to criticise it. And you're opposed to violence? But here you are silent on this topic.

I doubt you've done any research whatsoever, I'd go as far as to say you are assuming islam is a religion of peace, when you really have no idea whether it is or isn’t. Using I win words such as racist, bigot and islamophobe will only get you so far in this debate. Debate is the exact thing that needs to happen on this topic, you can't shut down those you disagree with saying things such as 'I respect freedom of speech but' and some crap about violent movements and then acting in a way that completely contradicts everything you've said.

Ms Gregson, I think you should sit back and have a good hard look at yourself and work out what it is that you and your goons are actually counter rallying, because at the moment your outrage is clouding your judgement.

For everyone else, I've complied a short video for your amusement. I give you Mel’s public antics.

Mel Gregson - Social Justice Warrior


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Islam. Aggressor or defender?

Ok.... so islam is peaceful. Right? Islamic sources tell us that Muslims must be peaceful unless war is waged against them. Only then can they fight back striking fear into the hearts of non believers.

Quran (5:33) - "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement"

And this is the peaceful part?! This isn't even the 'misinterpreted' or 'misquoted' koran they keep telling us about.

Without going into the many ways a muslim interprets war and oppression, one obvious way is bombing the crap out of their land, never letting up. We've been doing this for as long as I remember and I've only been on the planet for 30 odd years.

Just imagine for a minute if the boot was on the other foot, if they had the planes and decided they knew best how we should live so they began letting the bombs fly to teach us to be peaceful, for years and years, killing millions and wreaking havoc.... would we think they were evil oppressors and waging war on us? Of course we would. Would we fight back? I certainly would. What would we do if we didn't have the capabilities to bomb back? Would we use their bleeding hearts to infiltrate their society and fight from inside if that was the only option available to us? Yes. We would. And we wouldn't use God to justify it.

With that in mind and the fact that the pro islam sources say fighting and war is only ever justified in self defense, to never be the aggressor, demonstrating just how peaceful and misunderstood it is. Wouldn't it make sense (if we wanted world peace) to leave their countries the hell alone? Aren't the 'radicals' doing just what the koran tells them? Fighting us, the oppressors? But the peaceful muslims tell us the extremists are misinterpreting the 'religion'? I think they are interpreting the koran just how it was written and peaceful islam is pulling the wool over our eyes so they can fight us, the oppressors, from the inside.

We have bleeding hearts and we have freedom. We allow muslims the freedom to build their mosques and schools here to teach this crap, though granted they teach generosity and forgiveness blah blah as well. Others forget the peaceful parts and focus on encouragement to fight us, the evil oppressors. For example Al Furqan islamic school in Melbourne has spat out countless 'fundamentals' (it's now shut down but more than likely still operating. It's hard to believe they just gave up when the media shined the spotlight on them), what were they teaching for those young boys to feel justified in planning attacks here or joining the fight in Iraq and Syria? Whether its a peaceful or a radical school they are still teaching that if they think they are oppressed then they are justified in killing us. But hey, we have freedom of religion.

We are being told in no uncertain terms that they will leave us alone if only we leave them alone. They tell us that they will take over our countries and they probably will, they're doing a good job so far. Why are we having such trouble listening and understanding the problem? Why aren't we leaving them alone? For oil or because 'we know best'? Let them fester in the hell holes of their own making and see how well they do. Who knows, maybe they'll reform and eventually be the peaceful people they keep saying they are.

Bring our service men and women home, we can't fix this.


Friday, 18 September 2015

Open letter to PM Malcolm Turnbull

I've been incredibly angry since the announcement and subsequent coup you lead against Tony Abbott. Voter’s hands are now tied at the next election and we have little or no choices. We can vote for you or the labor party. Personally, I don't like either option for the simple fact that neither you nor the opposition leader appear to grasp the threat we face coming from the muslim world.

But, you are now the leader and as such you have a great challenge ahead of you. While immigration and multiculturalism is not your only duty, in these troubled times it is a major issue and is on the minds of Australians, white or black regardless of religion. I hope you respect the Australian people enough to listen to experts in this field, of which I am not one. But I read a lot. Whether or not you agree with them is irrelevant in these times. Facts are facts, even with a sugary coating.

Judging by the following quote you made on the ABC's Q and A program, I believe you are a long way from understanding. I must say, because of your ignorant views I'm increasingly worried about the future.

It is a great mistake to assume that all islamic schools are homes for teaching extremism. I mean islam is an ancient religion of great scholarship. I mean for heavens sake much of our learning and culture came to us from the muslims, just like, you know, our whole system of numbers and much of the learning of the ancient Greeks only survived because of the Arab scholars and the Islamic scholars. So, you know, the idea that islam is antithetical to learning or culture or scholarship is absurd. Now, you know, it's a great tradition. It is important for us that we promote and encourage islam. Islamic traditions which are moderate, which support freedom, which support democracy and which support Australian values not in the sense of Aussie values but in the sense of democracy, rule of law, tolerance, freedom. That's what we are talking about and they are universal values.

So this is your opinion. Opinion doesn't make something factual. Here's what I've learnt and the opinions I gathered since I bothered to look.

The idea that islam can embrace democracy is ludicrous when a muslim can't question an idea for fear of violence, either on this earth or in the afterlife. The koran and hadith go into great detail, repeatedly, on what hell is like should one ignore any of Muhammad’s teachings, it also gives a rather vague description of heaven. Young virgins, soft couches and rivers of wine await the devout muslim men. Heaven for women is irrelevant unless you’re a virgin and even those poor souls face drunken men ravaging them for their beauty and virginity. Where do they go once no longer a beautiful virgin? I digress.

How can islam possibly embrace democracy when not one single word of the koran has changed since it was written in the 9th century? For god’s sake, the koran says the world is flat, therefore you cannot say otherwise. Modern society has gotten to where it is today by learning. Learning what works and what doesn't. Christianity, Judaism and the myriad of offshoot religions have all evolved for our time. Islam hasn't. Islam can't. Obviously, as per your above quote you have trouble grasping this. Or maybe you're too scared to admit you understand? I hope for the latter.

You mentioned that islam has great scholars and is not antithetical to learning. Sure, provided said learning doesn't contradict or question anything from the koran or hadith. To progress is to learn by the past Mr Turnbull, but muslims cannot progress with us until they stop holding every single word a man of questionable mental state wrote as truth.... for example, 'the world is flat'. We know it isn't, but you can't say it, challenge it or change it. That would be blasphemy.

The muslim world has been going round and round for 1400 years. Living by a book that has never changed. Not once. Not a single word. Muhammad has managed to keep his followers in a never ending 9th century hell. He was a psychopathic genius.

If islam embraced learning, many books would be translated into Arabic. Women would be encouraged to get an education past puberty and be allowed to enter libraries in Saudi Arabia. An Arab Human Development report in 2002 found that the total number of books translated into Arabic yearly is no more than 330. The total number of books translated into Arabic during the 1,000 years since the age of Caliph Al-Ma’moun (a ninth-century Arab ruler) to this day is less than those translated into Spanish in a single year.

The Arab world's productivity is decreasing, scientific research is virtually non-existent and illiteracy afflicts half of Arab women. Islamic schools are about islam and how the infidels are going to the hellfire. Not about progression. Not about debating, questioning or learning. They are about being able to recite a book written 1400 years ago in ancient arabic having no idea of the translation into the language they do understand.

But you believe muslims are open to learning? Learning what exactly?

Your idea that islamic traditions can support freedom, democracy, Australian values and rule of law is ludicrous! These are not universal values Mr Turnbull, because muslims cannot accept any man made laws due to their OWN blasphemy laws! According to muslims, their prophet Muhammad was the perfect man and to question ANYTHING he said or did is blasphemy, punishable by death, muslim or non muslim. Usually by a family member to restore honour and keep Allah happy.

If muslims are to escape this, the solution isn't to resettle in other countries and demand we tolerate and accommodate their backward ways. The solution isn't to bomb the shit out of their countries making them worse by our ignorant and misguided good intentions. We are making it worse because we don’t understand it and if we do, god forbid we say it! Round and round and round. Muslims need a revision of Muhammad's teachings so that they can apply their faith to the times they currently live in. Maybe then they could remain peacefully in their islamic countries following only the nice parts of their religious culture. They wouldn't need to go to the great lengths they currently do to change ours. In Australia, its Merry Christmas, not happy fucking holidays, which is still a Christian holiday that gives you the day off work regardless of what you rename it.

I know, I'm a bigot for writing this.

Whether we like it or not, history is history Mr Turnbull and no amount of sugar coating, ignoring or rewriting can change it. Muhammad was a raving lunatic with a grandiose delusion that he could take over the (flat) world. He is alive and well inside the hearts and minds of all muslims today because they cannot bring themselves to question or revise his word.

I give you two words from the Arab world. Taqqiya and Kitman. A crash course for you: Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should be truthful to each other (other muslims), unless the purpose of lying is to smooth over differences. There are two forms of lying to non-believers (that's us) that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

Defeat them. Not live in peace with them. Defeat them so the whole world submits to Allah's will. By force if necessary. The Swiss government uncovered a 100 year plan called The Project, it details their plan to takeover by stealth. Maybe you should read it, the plan is progressing nicely due to our nature of seeing the good in people and ignoring the bad, because "they aren't all like that". News flash... not everyone has the same moral compass.

Freedom to a muslim is in the afterlife, it isn't freedom to choose her own path. That's what the better system of democracy allows. It isn't so that muslims can swoop in and take advantage of our generous system! The idea that we should tolerate and promote any of this is, in your words, absurd! This isn't rocket science Mr Turnbull and someone who claims to know what's best for our future should have, at the very least, a basic grasp on this... not encourage it! Unless, of course you are encouraging muslims to ditch Muhammad and bring the religion up to the 21st century with the rest of humanity. Another absurd concept. Not to mention arrogant. I think you'll be disappointed.

You are now the man with the top job. And I'm sure you will do well with many of your ventures. But if you refuse to acknowledge these basic truths and let islam in the back door granting concession after concession to those who don’t share the same moral compass, then everything you do achieve for this country will be for nothing. Because, the reality is, if you don't acknowledge this, then it won’t only be the 'bigots' who suffer.... you and yours will too. Those who stood with the muslims will suffer. Muslims will suffer, well any muslim who has a desire to live free of her religious restrictions anyway. Refusing to acknowledge any of this puts those who wish to leave this culture and join the 21st century in grave danger by the fundamentals they need protecting from.

I know you may gain 2% votes by being pro muslim. But there are also thousands of voters who are scared for our future, and more and more are slowly waking up and looking into why it is that wherever islam prospers, society doesn't. Wherever muslims have been let in, crime and unrest has risen. We constantly hear of Middle Eastern men committing acts of violence, refusing to stand for judges and being let out on bail because of cultural differences. Because they don't understand our wa? It isn't because they don't understand our way, it's because they don't respect our way. Why would they if they aren't made to?

Why do muslims hate us? (And they do hate us) Because we think we have a better system (and we do). We don't govern ourselves by Muhammad’s law. We are governed by learning and democracy, (at least we were until our government decided to start overthrowing the prime minister every other year). Learning what works and what doesn't. By ditching the inconsistent and downright ridiculous. Such as 'the world is flat'. *blasphemy alert* the world is round, like a globe! What makes you think by giving islam any concessions that muslims can, or will even want to embrace our standards and way of life? For freedom and peace? We are destroying future freedom by being ignorant and politically correct.
We are open, tolerant and freedom loving people. We are also stupid and naive. Some people have a different definition to what freedom means for them and no amount of cuddles, lollypops and welfare payments can or will change that.... despite your good intentions.

Now I'm not saying we should go around with pitch forks lynching muslims, obviously, because that's not our way. But we need to understand and acknowledge our differences. Start educating and encouraging them to change their ways. Stop allowing a recreation of what they fled in the first place. Stop granting special privileges for cultural sensitivity. Stop wanting and expecting them to be like us. Just stop. People are welcome to join OUR way.... we would never go to muslim countries and make demands. We'd accept their laws and customs. Muslims chose to join a society that was essentially built on Christian values. With Christian holidays. Sure, muslims can celebrate ramadan, but not if they believe they are discriminated against if an important event falls on one of their sacred days. A prominent muslim, Mohamad El Mouelhy has recently called the senate anti muslim because the halal inquiry happens to be held on a day he holds dear, so now we should know all of the special dates for everyone that calls Australia home? I don't want to go to work on my birthday, that’s an important day to me. But I don’t cry victim, I go to bloody work. Because I'm not a petulant child. Mr El Mouelhy, if it's important to you that muslims have every damn thing certified halal, I'm sure Allah won't mind if you attend the inquiry!

The childhood story of The Emperor’s New Clothes is ringing quite true here. Everyone can see the problem.... but not too many people have the guts to publicly acknowledge it head on. And those that do, need bodyguards to protect them from the muslims.

Islam's literal definition? Submission. Will you submit Mr Turnbull? Will your decisions make those who fled islamic regimes to again, submit? Will our grandchildren need to submit? Where will they flee to?

Tough love Mr Turnbull. Tough. Love.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Halal Certification Authority funding Terror? You decide.

Many regular Australians from different walks of life are opposed to Halal Certification. Why? It doesn’t make the food taste any different and it brings money into our economy. It allows our businesses to export to Islamic countries and anyone who dares oppose it must have Islamophobia, right? These seem to be the main reasons why some don’t see an issue with this. So what about the other side of this coin? The side that is kept in the shadows? The side that no one is allowed to talk about? The side that has been reported to support Islamic terror groups, substantial size groups that are hurting, killing, subduing and quietening millions of innocent people for what they believe to be Islam’s ultimate goal, world domination. Sounds like a cartoon plot. But it’s not a cartoon, this is what people are living, what humanity is facing. This is the very real threat of violence that we are now facing from the Muslim world. Muslims who have fled the violence are now facing it again alongside Westerners who have never encountered this sort of violence and have no idea how to stop it. We all need to stand together on these issues. Muslims and Non Muslims alike, side by side to stop the violence and persecution in our secular countries where we do have a say.

Mohamed El Mouelhy freely bandies around the term ‘bigot’ and directs it at any person who is concerned about these issues, it’s not hard to understand why. It’s how he makes his rather comfortable lifestyle. Is he concerned that if too many people ask questions, he won’t be quite so comfortable so he needs to place ugly labels on people to keep them quiet? I don’t agree that those who are concerned are bigots, I believe we need more people like them. More people concerned about where that money is actually going. Is that money being used to fund his goals? Or is it being used to further Islam’s goal?

So for the moment, I’m going to be a ‘bigot’ and ask questions. I’m going to tell you what I have found out from a couple of news stories that we all seem to be ignoring about this particular business and its rogue mouthpiece, El Mouelhy. What is the kingpin of Halal certification saying to the Australian people? The following are statements taken from his public facebook page and directed at the Australian people, his customers. His customers who, for the most part are non muslims and have no choice but to support his business, last I checked we had a choice on which businesses we supported. Not anymore in this climate of Islamophobia.

“Thank you for funding my lifestyle, and my wife’s shoes”.

“Muslims don’t buy from Supermarkets, they buy from Halal Certified butchers”. 
(So why are the major supermarkets paying this certification? So that we can buy your wife shoes? I thought the Certification was to tell Muslims what is safe for their consumption?)

“I receive a fee for certifying pork products haram” 
(But don’t Muslims already know they can’t eat pork? Oh that’s right. It’s for your wife’s shoes. Whether or not this is a true statement is yet to be discovered, what I see it as, is a deliberate taunt to non muslims).

“Stopping certification is like stopping a Mack truck with a pebble”. 
(Mr El Mouthy, a truck can indeed be flipped with many pebbles of the right size. You cannot take them all to court).

“I control your diet and there is no escaping”. 
(No Mr Mouthy, you don’t control our diet. What you do is make yourself responsible for companies like Cadbury going out of business. Because people don’t think it is right that Easter Eggs are certified for those who don’t celebrate this Christian custom. The lifestyle you are funding is destroying businesses and lives, but I’m glad your wife has pretty shoes).

“My charity is for Muslims only, because Australians can support themselves”. 
(How charitable)

So lets have a look at the charities that this business supports (you can find them tucked away nicely on his website here

Muslim Aid – a charity established by activists from Jamaat-e-Islami, the sub-continental cousin of the Muslim Brotherhood. Founding members included Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, the British Muslim community leader recently convicted by the Bangladesh war crimes tribunal for his involvement in the mass-murder of teachers and intellectuals during the 1971 Liberation War. In 2010, The Daily Telegraph reported that Muslim Aid had funded charities connected to Palestinian terror groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. These funds included a grant of £13,998 to the al-Ihsan Charitable Society, designated by the U.S. government as a "sponsor of terrorism."

Islamic Relief – an enormous British charity, which, in 2012, raised over £100 million [over $160 million]. Islamic Relief has received donations from terror-connected Yemeni charities, such as the Charitable Society for Social Welfare, which was established by the US-designated terrorist and "Bin Laden loyalist" Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani. In Gaza, Islamic Relief's branches have supported Hamas-run institutions, including the Islamic University of Gaza and the Al Falah Benevolent Society. Islamic Relief's Directors have included Ahmed Al-Rawi, the former President of the Muslim Brotherhood's chief lobby group in Britain, who, in 2004, signed a declaration in support of jihad against British and American forces in Iraq.

Human Appeal International – a UK-registered charity accused by the CIA and FBI of being "a fundraiser for Hamas." The charity is a proscribed "Hamas-affiliated" organisation in Israel, and both the US Internal Revenue Service and State Department consider it to be a terror-funding entity. Human Appeal International has often promoted extremist preachers in Britain. In 2011, for instance, the charity hosted an event with Haitham al-Haddad, an Islamist preacher who regards Jews as "enemies of god, and the descendants of apes and pigs" and has stated that, "Allah's law [will] govern the whole earth, and for no other law to remain." Human Appeal (Australia) raises much of its funds through an annual concert called ‘Sounds of Light’, held at the end of each year at Flemington Racecourse Melbourne, Olympic Park Sydney, Adelaide Town Hall and Riverside Theatre, Perth. A major ‘Gold’ sponsor of Sounds of Light is Halal Helpline ( An annual Gold sponsorship is $20,000. Halal Helpline is owned and run by, wait for it, none other than Mohamed El Mouelhy of the Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd. Funding terrorism attracts a ten year jail term Mr El Mouelhy, so you’d better grab your toothbrush and a cake of soap.

Al-Imdaad Foundation – a South African charity, the British branch of which has previously partnered with Viva Palestina, the pro-Hamas charity established by George Galloway and that included Hamas activists among its staff. One of Al-Imdaad's trustees, Qari Ziyaad Patel, has written and sung a nasheed  [Islamic song] in praise of the Taliban. In 2012-13, Al-Imdaad's British branch raised over £400,000 for the IHH, a Turkish charity widely accused of funding terrorism and that publicly supports Hamas. Al-Imdaad UK has also given over £50,000 (over $80,000) to the Zamzam Foundation, a Somali charity run by the Saudi funded Somali Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, events organized by Al-Imdaad UK have included speakers such as Maulana Sulaimaan Ravat, a South African preacher who has propagated conspiracy theories that Jews overthrew Libya's dictator, Colonel Gaddafi, in order to steal Libya's oil reserves.

The questions that need to be asked are, is Mr El Mouelhy aware that he is supporting radical charities? Or has he spent too much time taunting the Australian people and tying them up in court to investigate where the money may be going? Does Mr Mouthy sound like a man who wants his business to prosper? A man who wants to put the minds of the public at ease? A generous, peaceful charitable man? A man that you want to support?

Now I’m not privy to all the details that our authorities have, but it seems to me that if we are serious about stopping Islamic terror from reaching our shores, then we need to look at where these ‘businesses’ are sending their money and what they are supporting. Political Correctness is good for issues that hurt another person but when it becomes a danger to humanity it is no longer political correctness, but rather ignorance. A very dangerous ignorance indeed.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Child Brides in Australia

Islam has many cultural practices that stem back to the birth of Islam and the world’s most notorious prophet, Muhammad. So to understand why there is a culture of marrying children within Islam, we need to look at where, how and why this custom began. To do that, we need to start at the beginning and understand that everything a Muslim does, right down to the very food he eats, was set out for him 1400 years ago by Muhammad and what he perceived to be God’s word delivered directly to him. Muhammad wasn’t happy with the two religions available to him at the time, Christianity and Judaism, but thankfully (for him) an Angel named Gabriel visited him in a cave near Mecca to deliver revelations from God, conveniently he received messages justifying his blood thirsty and self-serving desires. He mixed these messages in with scriptures from the Bible and the Torah and wrote the Quran. To this very day, not one single word has been changed in the Quran. There has been subsequent books and laws written since then, being the Hadith’s which are an account of things he apparently said passed down from Muslim to Muslim (much like the childhood game of Chinese whispers) and there is Sharia Law that is the law written from these two books as a guideline for all Muslims to follow.

Muhammad, married his best friend Abu Bakr’s, six year old daughter Aisha to align the two clans through marriage making her his third wife. When Aisha was nine years old, she left the family home and joined his harem where the marriage was consummated and she became the favourite wife out of his long line of 12. While the rest of the world recognises the detrimental effects child marriages have on the psyche of a child, Islam hasn’t progressed with us. Why? Because Muslims must obey Muhammad’s word as the word of Allah (God). Allah, (Muhammad’s alter ego) gave women little value other than to be wives and mothers. The more Muslim children born, the further the spread of Muhammad’s ‘religion’, this was always his ultimate goal and governed everything he did. Child marriage is the legacy of age and gender based discrimination against women and is the basis of their unequal status in the world’s poorest nations. How can these girls escape this when Muslims first and only priority is to follow Muhammad’s word and goals?

Today in Saudi Arabia, the birth place of Islam, there is a civil code that prevents child marriages, but Sharia Law is higher than man made law (which in and of itself is strange as men and women wrote the Sharia from another mans’ word. But I digress). The Sharia permits children to marry for the ultimate goal of Islam because it gives women more years to have Muslim children. The civil code is overruled by the Sharia, effectively making no minimum age for a girl to marry. Saudi Arabia is ignoring the UN’s law that a marriage must be between people over the age of 18. Unicef reports that the top five nations in the world with highest observed child marriage rates — Niger (75%), Chad (72%), Mali (71%), Bangladesh (64%), Guinea (63%) — are Islamic majority countries. It should be noted here that Child Brides is not limited to Islam, there are some other customs (Sikh’s and Hindu’s for example) that sometimes continue with this practice, though today that is the exception rather than the rule as, they too have recognised the problems this causes to the girl and have mostly abolished the practice. This blog is about Islam’s culture of child brides as that is where my research has been.

In Islam, the decision to marry is made by a girl’s closest male relative, it is deemed acceptable when she reaches child bearing years. The mother has little or no say in the welfare of her children as they are seen to be the property of the father or the father’s family and the mother is just as voiceless as what her daughter will be, that is the culture. Muslim parents marry their daughters off for many reasons, here are just a few:

Family honour. If the girl was to be raped, become pregnant or have sex outside marriage she would bring ridicule to the family, girls are subjected to honour killings for these crimes. In a twisted sort of way I guess you could say, Muslims feel it is best for the child to marry young to avoid this fate.
Financial gain. The situation of the family is helped when their daughter is married. They no longer have the financial burden of raising her and the parents are paid a price by the groom for them to consent to him marrying their daughter. In some countries, the younger the bride, the higher the price she will fetch. This practice creates an economic incentive where girls are sought and married to the highest bidder. Child marriage is a way out of desperate economic conditions, or simply a source of income to the parents.
Societal pressure. In many Islamic countries, there is pressure from society for women to have a large number of children to further the spread of Islam, to achieve this she needs to start bearing children as early as possible.
A woman’s worth. Muslim men see the woman as having little worth. She is seen as being half as valuable as a man. Her only duty in this life is to be a wife and a mother. She has little need for progression and must forego her wishes and desires for Islam’s cause.

These girls are left with little choice in the matter, to show eagerness in marrying she is showing disrespect to her family. To show sadness, she is seen to be disrespectful to the intended family. If she shows neither of these and is silent, her silence is taken as consent. Little consideration is given to what she actually wants in her life, because her value is so low. How can one progress if there is no opportunity for education? Should she try to avoid this future, she will bring herself ridicule, disapproval, family shame, the threat of violence and sometimes death. 

So how do we help these girls when their entire existence is based around this practice? Forcing anyone to marry without their full and free consent is a human rights violation. This is madness and is justified by her culture. This is not about religion, it's about abuse, subjugation and exploitation of young and vulnerable women. Why are our women’s lib groups silent? For fear of offending? Are these girls not valuable enough in our society to educate ourselves on their plight? Stand up and help these girls or the current call for the world wide caliphate may see your daughter or granddaughter living under these conditions in the future! To stand by, to say and do nothing you are allowing this to continue, hurting these women and helping the culture that subjugates them to this fate.

Australian citizens aren’t immune to this practice, we have slap on the wrist prison terms for forced marriages with a maximum of 4 years jail or 7 years if the victim is a child. If the victim is taken out of the country to marry, the term is risen to 25 years. This is not stopping Muslims from continuing with this practice, it simply means they need to take it underground. 

Over the last two years, the National Children and Youth Law Centre has identified approximately 250 cases of child marriages in Australia. Dr Eman Sharobeem, manager of the Immigrant Women’s Health Service in Fairfield, NSW reports that there are at least 60 child brides in south-west Sydney alone. A Sydney newspaper has published figures showing there are 23 child brides in the Wollongong region, second only to Wyong on the Central Coast with 26.

Our laws are not stopping Muslims and neither is Australian customs because Muslims hold our man made laws in contempt. The Government is fully aware of the cases happening here in Australia and are trying to educate and encourage young women to speak out. Federal Justice Minister, Michael Keenan is quoted as saying "We're very keen to make sure that if somebody is to come across this type of crime that they know how to go about helping that person to report it to authorities so we can do something about it,". "We're making sure that we have materials out there to educate the community about what to look for, so these crimes can be reported and the appropriate authorities can prosecute them".

But Dr Eman Sharobeem said the strategy would not work because girls were too scared to implicate their families. "Forced marriage and child brides happen among the culturally and linguistically diverse communities, those communities will not go to the website and will not share glossy papers to see what's written about legislation in the country," she said. "I don't hope and wish to see parents behind bars, I already tried with many of them to talk about informing the authorities, and as soon as I put that on the table the girls actually turn their back and say 'we're not even going to have a conversation with you'." Instead Dr Sharobeem said the Government's new strategy needed to put more resources towards grassroots education campaigns and to teach girls how to speak to their families. "'Teach us how to talk to our parents, because our own mother wants to send us to a man we don't know', are some of the words I heard from these girls." 
The Victorian Immigrant Refugee Women’s Coalition (VIRWC) has designed an innovative new campaign for high school students called The Choice is Yours and has a website and volunteers dedicating their lives to helping these women.

As we can see from an expert in the field, it is rare for victims to come forward for fear of the consequences, if she comes forward she is subject to ostracism from the only family she has ever known and will be guilty of shedding light on her culture which is then a crime of apostasy. It is a federal criminal offense to force a marriage in Australia and there are soft imprisonment terms for parties found guilty. In Islam though, to be guilty of apostasy, the penalty is DEATH. The sentence is carried out by the families to redeem themselves in the eyes of Allah. Women’s help centres are used to dealing with women who are hiding from an abusive husband or boyfriend, but Muslim women often need to hide from their entire family making their situation much more complicated. If you were brought up to believe you were worthless, could you recognise the need to speak out about your entire family and culture? And if you did recognise the problem, would you stand up or would you be scared? Westerners who have little knowledge of Islam are scared to stand up because of the violence that happens in this religion of peace, Muslim girls live that violence, day in and day out.

Are our soft laws enough to stop this? Clearly not as there are many cases happening right now in Australia, not Pakistan, Australia! The Muslim man will never see his wife as anything other than his property. In Sharia the pair are married until he (and only he) utters the words “I divorce you”. Until he does, in Sharia law, the girl is still his property and he will bide his time in jail until he can come out and they can pick up where they left off. But what will become of the girl who reported him? With a Muslim’s penchant for violence, whether she reports the crime or not, her future does not look bright. Is it any wonder these girls often turn to suicide as their only option?

The following is a small percentage of girls who have come forward to speak about this practice happening behind closed Islamic doors in Australia. *Names are all changed or unknown.

Rania Farrah
Rania’s mother Margaret met her father in Australia, but the couple moved to Saudi Arabia soon after their marriage. According to Rania, it was a violent relationship, and she remembers that her dad “used to beat my mum. He never beat us, but he beat my mum all the time.”
When Rania was eight-years-old, Margaret and her five young children fled to Australia, leaving their father behind. The family’s life changed for the better. They lived with Margaret’s “true blue Aussie” family, as Rania described them in the interview, and for many years they only heard from her father occasionally by telephone. Rania Farrah was just like any other ordinary Australian teenage girl. Like most kids her age, her biggest concerns were trying to get away with not doing homework, and deciding where to go out with her friends on the weekend.
But when Rania was 13, her life changed. Her older brother said he would take her on a trip to Egypt for a holiday. After one week in Egypt however, Rania was taken to Jordan to see her father. Her father held her captive in Syria and horrifically beat and emotionally abused her. Rania spoke with her mother over the phone every three weeks, and begged her mother to bring her back to Australia. Each time she was told, “We can’t afford it” or “One more year.”
Her new family controlled every aspect of her life; When she was 17, she found out she was to marry her 30 year old, second cousin. Her passport was confiscated and she was told she would be living with her new husband. “We never spoke, ever. I’d never make eye contact with him. I just met him on family visits and served coffee and tea,” she says of her relationship with him. “I went along with it. I did all the things I needed to do. We had the engagement party, I got given the gold, the money to go buy all the clothes that newlywed women buy, and I did it all and put on the face and I didn’t feel anything, because by that stage I was already planning my escape.”
Through a young girl who lived next door, Rania was secretly given the British Embassy’s phone number. When she called them, she was told she would have to wait until she was 18 to make an escape. So she waited. And waited. And when she finally turned 18, she organised to meet an official in a safe location. Rania says that it was her “one and only” chance. “If I didn’t get out, I was going to kill myself that very day, because it would’ve been my entire life, just there,” she says. “I wasn’t going to do it. That wasn’t worth living for.”
Thankfully, she did make it out and came back to Australia. Rania told 60 Minutes that even once she made it back to Australia, she didn’t feel protected. Her family never asked her what had happened in Syria. She says, “It was never spoken of. No-one ever talked about it. No-one ever asked what happened. To this day they don’t know what happened.”
Troublingly, Rania’s father has since returned to Australia with his new family. She saw him once, and at that meeting she says he told her, “No western pig government is going to tell me how to raise my daughters. And if it comes to it, I’ll slit your mother’s throat and I’ll slit your sister’s throat and I’ll slit your throat.” Rania fears that he will come after her, and has taken out a restraining order against her father.
Rania is still visibly traumatised by what she has experienced. Still haunted, and still scared. But she has also decided to speak out, in the hopes that she might be able to save other young girls from the same fate that she had to endure. Rania’s advice for other girls, who may have been forced into marriage – or who know that they will be – is: “Run for your life. You’re in a country – if you are in Australia – you’re in a country that believes in women’s rights and your safety and freedom. So run. Cut them off. Your life will be the better for it.”

Ms Kreet’s story
Another case came before the family court. The girl (known as Ms Kreet) had just finished year 12 and had a boyfriend (known as “Mr U”) who lived in Australia. Ms Kreet’s parents told her she was to travel to their home country to marry Mr U there. But they deceived her and had another man in mind. The court heard that on arrival, Ms Kreet was introduced to the man her parents had secretly chosen to be her husband. Her father told Ms Kreet that if she did not acquiesce to the marriage, he would have her boyfriend’s sisters and mother kidnapped and raped. Ms Kreet consented and the marriage took place.
But when Ms Kreet returned to Australia, she withdrew a visa application for her husband and applied to the Family Court for an annulment. The court accepted that Ms Kreet believed that her father would carry out his threat and said that at the time of the marriage ceremony, Ms Kreet’s consent was not real because it had been obtained through duress. The court declared that the marriage was not a valid marriage and that the marriage was void. 

Ms Elia’s story 
Ms Elia made an application to the Federal Court of Australia for a parenting order on behalf of her six-year-old daughter. The evidence to the court was that Ms Elia was 14 when she underwent a “non-legally sanctioned marriage ceremony” with a man who was over the age of 18. The court found Ms Elia, at the time of the marriage, was legally and psychologically a child: “My mother pushed me to get married. She would say to me, words to the effect, ‘You will have your fun. Your dad is strict. You can come and go as you please. You’ve always wanted to go out to Jamberoo and Wonderland. You get to go to movies, have popcorn, lollies, ice-cream and chocolate. You get to have fun and live life. What you see of everyone having fun on the TV, this is what it is going to be like. You’re very, very lucky”.
Ms Elia asserted to the court she had told a teacher at her high school about her marriage; the court noted there had been a failure by the teacher to comply with legislation relating to mandatory notification of harm.
After her marriage, Ms Elia attempted to continue her education but after a year she reported that her husband burnt her homework and forced her to leave school. He would threaten her, “if you don’t drop out ... I’ll move so far away you won’t ever see people”. She was subjected to violence, including being kicked, punched, stamped on and thrown into walls.
In court, she gave evidence that she’d stopped speaking to her parents after her divorce. “My father has said to me, ‘So what if he raped you? So what if he bashed you?’ He has also said, ‘The only way you can come back to me is in a coffin to pray on you’.”

V’s story 
In 2010, the Department of Human Services (DHS) in Victoria received a report that “V”, then aged nearly 14, had ceased to attend school because she was about to be married. In response to the report, DHS interviewed V and applied to the Family Court for orders to prevent her from being taken out of Australia. V told the DHS child protection officer she was engaged to be married to her 17-year-old fiancĂ© and she was going to travel overseas to meet him. V had not met her fiancĂ© but had seen his photograph.
In an affidavit prepared after the interview, the DHS officer concluded: “It is my belief that it would not be in [the child’s] best interests to travel to be married as she is a child and does not appear to understand the consequences of marriage. Furthermore, she would be deprived of a school education, and she may be at risk of sexual exploitation and emotional harm”. The court accepted that permitting V to be taken overseas for marriage was contrary to her welfare and that “a 14-year-old child would not have the understanding of the significance of marriage which would be attributable to an adult”. The court issued an injunction preventing V’s removal from Australia prior to her eighteenth birthday. The court also retained V’s passport and prohibited her parents from applying for a new one while she was still a child.

Ms Kandal’s story 
Ms Kandal, a 17-year-old, secretly telephoned the Australian Federal Police (AFP) operations centre. She told the police her mother and other family members had arranged to take her outside Australia for marriage against her will. Ms Kandal was aware of the airport watch list (also known as the PACE Alert system) and asked the police that her name be placed on the list. She wanted minimal involvement from other authorities. The AFP, DHS and Legal Aid NSW assisted Ms Kandal. On hearing the application brought by the AFP on behalf of Ms Kandal, the court ordered that Ms Kandal’s name be placed on the airport watch list, at all Australian arrival and departure points, that her passport be surrendered to the court and that her parents be restrained from assaulting, threatening, harassing or intimidating her.

Ms Madley’s story 
Ms Madley was 16 years old when she asked Legal Aid NSW to help prevent her proposed marriage, which was planned to take place within two weeks in a country outside Australia to a person she had only met once. With the help of Legal Aid, Ms Madley made an application for ex parte orders to the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia. In her evidence she was insistent that she did not want to marry or travel overseas. She also gave evidence that she was fearful for her safety when her family became aware of the legal proceeding. The court commended Legal Aid NSW “for their prompt action and their efforts in accordance not only with their charter but with the spirit of the legislation [(the Family Law Act 1975)] to protect this young person’s rights.” In making his orders, Federal Magistrate Harman observed, “it is not the right of any parent to cause their child to be married against their will, whether in accordance with Australian law or otherwise” The court ordered her parents be restrained from removing, attempting or causing her removal from Australia. Ms Madley’s passport was surrendered to the court and she was placed on the airport watch list

Name Unknown
In February 2015, Police charged a 61-year-old Australian father with procuring a child under 14 for illegal sexual activity and being an accessory. Tragically, it is alleged that the father believes he has done nothing wrong and thought his daughter was deeply in love. Her new husband was twice her age. The illegal marriage took place at their home in the Hunter region of New South Wales. 
It was discovered that a 35 year old Pakistani Imam, Muhammad Riad Tasawar had allegedly married the 12-year-old girl to the 26-year-old man in the girls family home in the Hunter Region on January 12, 2015. Both the imam and the “husband” were charged, with solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person and multiple counts of having sex with a child respectively. Muhammad Riaz Tasawar pleaded guilty at Parramatta Local Court before Magistrate Peter Mizzalski who gave him a mere $500 for an offense that carries up to six months jail.
Tasawar was sacked from the mosque which sponsored him on a religious leader visa for the past four years and is now being held at Villawood Immigration Detention Centre. He is likely to be deported. Tasawar is the first person in NSW to be charged with solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person.
The “husband”, a Lebanese national who is facing 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child, was granted bail on March 4, despite telling authorities that he was keen to see his wife again and believed he had done nothing wrong.

Sources and Further reading:

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Islam in Australia

On September 11 2001, 19 Muslim extremists bought America to its knees. While the Western world sat there shocked that this would happen, many in the East cheered.

We were dragged into a war that we didn't want to be in, or have any idea how to fight. 14 years later, and we are no closer to ending radical Islam's declared war on us, in fact it has become worse.

What are we doing wrong? It's simple. We are Westerners and we are infidels, while we live our way of life, the Koran forbids us to live in peace. Until we start to call extremism for what it is, and throw political correctness and the fear of offending out the window and change our tactics, we cannot understand it or know how to stop it.

The problem is Islam. Islam, the Koran and the way it looks at the world. Islam was built on one man's desire for power. To be a Muslim, one cannot escape the majority passages that are full of hate, violence, and justification that the extremists are following to the letter, though, many may want to, for the most part their silence is deafening.

Our own government is being accused of scaremongering the public. But the Government isn't creating the fear, Islam is. The government is being slandered while doing its best to protect us. We need to thank them, not blame them for the troubles Islam bought to these shores.

We often hear that the young Australians being charged with terror related crimes, joining ISIS and plotting terror attacks on home soil is ‘Nothing to do with Islam’ because ‘Islam is a religion of Peace’. If Islam is a religion of peace, why are people scared to offend Muslim’s?

We are being told by the Muslim leaders, that Australians are to blame for the disenfranchised youth turning to these hateful passages in the Koran, because they are made to feel that they don’t fit in….. But how can that be? We offered Muslim’s from many countries safety in Australia. But Islam does not let a Muslim fully integrate into our society. To fully take our offer makes the Muslim an apostate, and worthy of death, because it goes against Muhammad’s goals for his religion, world domination.

We are told that ISIS is a small minority of people who have interpreted the Koran in a hateful way. But Islam has many terror groups, Jemaah Islamiah, Al Quaeda, Al Shaabab, The Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas just to name a few. Islam hasn’t been hijacked, the Koran is full of justifications for the violence against non believers. ISIS are particularly scary because they use technology to scare people into submission by broadcasting these atrocities to the world.

We didn’t write the Koran, nor have we taught anyone what is written in it. The Imam’s and Sheiks teach the Non-Arabic speaking men and women what it takes to be a Muslim. How then, is it Australia’s fault that young men and women take the Koran quite literally and join these terror groups?

I find it incredibly offensive, that we are told to make concessions for a group of people that refuse to integrate into this society. How do we trust a minority group who insists that the infidel must have fear struck into his heart to quieten anyone who decides to criticise their religion? The Koran is based on the prophet Muhammad justifying his murderous desire for power, and Muslims believe that to accomplish world peace, they need to dominate the world. Does that make Islam peaceful?

Only 5 to 10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazi’s. How did that turn out?

I have taken it upon myself to research into what is going on and write about it. What I have discovered is a group of Muslims who are all intertwined, and connected to each other through the enclaves that they have created. The following is a small number of Australians that have turned to the hateful parts of the Koran to further the call for a world wide caliphate. Unfortunately, there are many, many more.

Zaky Mallah
Mallah was the first Australian charged under Anti Terror laws in 2003.
A video Mallah had made was the trigger for his arrest. Mallah reportedly made the video after he had been denied a passport.
Mallah spent two years in a high security prison while he awaited trial.
Mallah was acquitted of terrorism related charges, but, according to a paper by Andrew Zammit, he was convicted of the non-terrorism related offense of "threatening violence against a Commonwealth official”

Jake Bilardi
Changed his name to Abu Abdulla al-Australi, most commonly known as Jihadi Jake.
Bilardi has been labelled by the international media as a baby-faced White Jihadi ,whose background has been described as radically different from other Western recruits.
Died in a coordinated unsuccessful Suicide attack in, Ramadi Iraq, on 11 March 2015, killing only himself.
According to a friend, Bilardi was concerned his family would "spend eternity in hell" for being non-believers.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika 
Found guilty of plots on The m c g, Sydney’s Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor, and Melbourne’s Crown Casino.
One of 17 men arrested in Australia in November 2005, charged with being members of a terrorist organisation and of planning terrorist attacks.
Benbrika is alleged to be the spiritual leader of a radical offshoot group from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah Association, which allegedly has established ties with Jemaah Islamiah and al-Qaeda.
On 15 September 2008, Benbrika was found guilty on the charge of intentionally being the leader and a member of a terrorist organisation.
Concern has been expressed that while in jail Benbrika has been able to exert significant influence in spreading jihadist ideology.
Associates and relatives of his have died fighting for isis.

Man Haron Monis
Gunman at the Sydney Lindt Cafe Siege where he held 18 Australian’s hostage for 17 hours.
Monis promoted himself as an Iranian intelligence official, a political activist, a spiritual healer and expert in black magic, an outlaw bikie and a Muslim cleric.
Monis ran a "spiritual healing" business, telling some women that they needed to submit to sexual molestation to receive treatment.
In 2014, Monis was charged with accessory to murder of his ex-wife. While on bail, and facing a likely lengthy imprisonment, he declared allegiance to isis and the Levant.
Monis was investigated by ASIO four times, after more than 40 phone calls were made to the National Security Hotline.
In Granville New South Wales, Monis gave a lecture calling for an Islamic society, and taunting foreign governments saying, “your intelligence service is not working properly.”
In October 2014, Monis wrote a letter to George Brandis' office seeking advice on the legality of communicating with isis.
At the time of Monis death, he had recently converted from Shia Islam to the Radical Sunni Islam.

Numan Haider
Haider lived in Narre Warren Victoria, and was of Afghan descent.
He was one of 40 to 50 Australian citizens who had had their passports cancelled due to fears that they would join I S and the Levant.
Haider is reported to have attended the police station to discuss his cancelled passport. Two police officers from Victoria Police and the AFP approached him in the car park.
Haider produced a knife, and slashed the Victorian officer across the arm. He turned on the AFP officer, and first stabbed him in the face and chest. When the officer collapsed, Haider climbed on top of him, and repeatedly stabbed him. The police officer ordered Haider to drop the weapon, then shot him fatally in the head.
Haider was carrying two knives, and the black flag associated with isis.

Omar Al Kutobi & Mohammed Kiad
Accused of plotting an imminent terrorist attack on Sydney streets on, 17th Feb 2015.
Police allege the pair were poised to harm or kill someone using a large knife, before counter-terrorism police raided their home at Riverview Road Fairfield days before the attack, after receiving a tipoff from the public.
Police say they found a machete, a hunting knife, a homemade Islamic State flag, and a video recording.
It's believed one of the men starred in the video, which referred to committing a terrorist attack in the name of Islamic State, as revenge for incidents occurring overseas.

Khaled Cheikho, Moustafa Cheikho, Mohamed Ali Elomar, Abdul Rakib Hasan, and Mohammed Omar Jamal
Arrested in Sydney over a 2005 Sydney terrorism plot.
The men were arrested on charges of planning an act of terrorism targeting Sydney.
The group were found guilty on 16 October 2009, and were sentenced on 15 February 2010, for terms up to 28 years.
It is claimed that the men were motivated by a belief that Islam was under attack.
The five allegedly had links to Abdul Nacer Benbrika.
Police searches of their homes discovered instructions on bomb-making, 28,000 rounds of ammunition, 12 rifles, militant Islamist literature, and footage of beheadings carried out by Islamists.
According to the prosecution, the men purchased explosive chemicals and guns between July 2004, and November 2005.

Joseph "Jihad Jack", Terrence Thomas
Accused of providing resources to assist in a terrorist act.
Jihad Jack travelled to Pakistan and Afghanistan after he married and converted to Islam.
The first Australian to be convicted under anti-terrorism laws introduced in Australia after the 9/11 attacks. He was sentenced on 31 March 2006, to five years prison, with a non-parole period of 2 years.
An Australian federal magistrate made an assessment that Thomas is capable of launching a terrorist attack, and that his wife has links to the alleged spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiah, Abu Bakar Bashir.
On 28 August 2006, Thomas had the conviction overturned and was issued with a control order with the following restrictions:
       He must abide by a curfew, confining him to his home from midnight until 5am each morning.
       He is allowed only one mobile phone, one land line, and is prohibited from using pay phones.
       He is required to seek written approval to make telephone calls.
       He is not to communicate with a list of persons identified as terrorists, including Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
       He must not leave Australia.

Faheem Khalid Lodhi
Convicted terrorist accused of plotting to bomb the national electricity grid, Sydney Army Base Victoria Barracks, the Naval Base HMAS Penguin, and the Army Training Area Holsworthy Barracks.
During his trial, the court was told he trained in Pakistan with Lashkar-e-Toiba, and still had contact with them using mobile phones registered under false names. At the ruling, the Judge commented that Lodhi had "the intent of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause, namely violent “jihad", and to "instil terror into members of the public, so that they could never again feel free from the threat of bombing in Australia".
In August 2006, he was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment, with a 15-year non-parole period. He is classified as a high-security "AA" prisoner, and will be eligible for parole in 2019.

David Matthew Hicks
An Australian whose controversial conviction for providing material support for terrorism has been struck down on a technicality, because the charge was invalid as the law did not exist at the time of the alleged offence.
Hicks was detained after being involved in para-military training at Al Farouq training camp in Afghanistan during 2001.
In April 2007, Hicks was returned to Australia to serve the remaining nine months of a suspended seven-year sentence. During this period, he was precluded from all media contact.
Hicks converted to Islam in 1999, and took the name Muhammed Dawood. He was later publicly denounced due to his lack of religious observance.
Hicks now lives in Sydney and has written an autobiography.

Khaled Sharrouf
In 2005, Sharrouf was charged along with eight other Sydney men, over the biggest terrorism plot in Australian history. He was charged with possessing items to be used for a terrorist act, – six clocks, and 140 batteries he stole from a Big W store.
Sharrouf fell in with a crowd at Australia's most infamous prayer hall, located on Haldon Street in Lakemba.
In August 2005, Sharrouf was recorded on a listening device proclaiming his hatred for Australia. "Forget Australia law, ... Australia law get stuffed, finished ... give us all back our passports, and we will leave," he said.
The group's spiritual leader was Melbourne sheikh Abdul Nacer Benbrika.
December 2013, Sharrouf slipped out of Australia travelling on his brother's passport, headed for Syria looking to die in Jihad, as a martyr.
He is suspected of starring in a sickening Islamic State beheading video heavily bearded, dressed in khaki, and holding a knife, standing behind a man accused of being a spy’.
He joined isis with more than 100 other Australian’s, and has posed in photo’s holding decapitated heads of Syrian soldiers. Sharrouf also had his 7 year old son hold up the severed head of a soldier with the caption, 'that's my boy'.
Sharrouf’s wife and children wish to return to Australia because of poor living conditions. The Immigration minister says the 5 children may be put in care if they return from Syria with their mother.
There is no indication Sharrouf himself is looking to return.

 Sharky Jama
A 25 year old male model from Melbourne, was reportedly living in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, and fighting alongside I S militants.
Sharky was connected to Sydney street Dawah preacher, Abdul Salam Mahmoud, and self-styled sheik, Junaid Thorne.
Sharky used Facebook posts to describe his “dreams of entering paradise”. “When I am asleep I dream of jannah, when I am awake I fight to see its gates, and when I am in sujood I pray for protection from the blazing fire,” he said. “Jannah (paradise), so close.”
Sharky was shot dead in Syria in April 2015.

Harun Causevic & Sevdet Besim
Counter terrorism police allege the two men were planning an Islamic State inspired terrorist attack, and were arrested in Melbourne during anti-terror raids in March 2015.
It is alleged by police that the attack was targeting police officers involving ‘edged knives’, during an Anzac day ceremony.
It is understood that a number of the arrested men attended the Al Furqan Islamic study centre in South Springvale, and were associates of Numan Haider who also attended the centre.

Abu Jihad Al-Australi 
The 23 year old Australian man, formerly known as Suham Rahman, was killed in Syria while fighting alongside isis for 7 months.
A photo of the dead man was posted on twitter, and his Facebook account contained messages of support for the Charlie Hebdo gunmen, and threats to “spill blood” in Australia.
Rahman has previously been the subject of an investigation by police into a threat made against an Australian newspaper with a post that read, “theres no good left in you, if none of you do something about the australian newspaper mocking our prophet, peace be upon him. Dont be cowards."

Omarjan Azari & Mohammad Baryalei
Azari was arrested after a phone call between himself and Australian I S kingpin, Mohammad Baryalei, when Azari decided he would follow Mohammad’s instructions and ‘pick a random unbeliever, and kill them before covering them in the Islamic State flag’.
Azari was charged with preparing to commit a terrorist act after police raids across Sydney in September 2014.
The court heard Baryalei said it would serve as a message: “As you kill our people, we will also kill your people one by one”.

The name's of known jihadists from Australia, either fighting or died fighting in Syria / Iraq.

Neil Prakash – Abu Khaled al-Cambodi
Adam Dahman
Sammy Salma
Yusuf Toprakkaya
Roger Abbas
Zehra Duman
Mahmoud Abullatif
Yusuf Yusuf
Irfaan Hussein
Mohamed Elomar
Mostafa Mahamed
Mustapha Al Majzoub
Zakaryah Raad
Ahmad Moussalli
Caner Temel
Abu Nour al-Iraqi
Abdullah Elmir
Ahmad Al-Ghazzawi
Taha Elbaf
Hamza Elbaf
Bilal Elbaf
Omar Elbaf
Abdul Salam Mahmoud
Hodan Abby
Hafsa Mohamed
Abu Yusuf
Ahmed Succarieh
Abraham Succarieh
Yusuf Ali
Amira Ali
Zia Abdul Haq

Sheikh Mustapha Al Majzoub