Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ban the Burqa Australia

This week I visited a shopping center in Broadmeadows, to see for myself, women that by choice are wearing the full burqa or niqab when going out in public. I saw what I will assume, was a young woman (driving with L plates) wearing the niqab and I was truly horrified. I cannot understand how that could be her choice unless she considers the consequences of refusing, to be extremely serious.

We are seeing an ever increasing population of the muslim community and with that, the beliefs that women are somehow inferior purely for being born, a woman. Just this week we saw hizb ut tarir segregate women at a Sydney university. But this is not an isolated event, this is a daily occurance for women in the islamic community and is occuring in most (if not all) places they attend.

As a woman myself, the cultural beliefs behind this are incredibly frightening and I'm speaking out for these women, fully aware of the implications of offending the  muslim community by criticising their beliefs.

It is not a choice if one is forced to engage their survival instincts because of beliefs that have been instilled into them from birth.

Islam's example of a perfect man and prophet said 'your prayers are nulified if a dog or woman walks near you while praying'. This is one of many damaging beliefs muslims hold in regards to women. To understand more, you only have to look for someone willing to speak out. In this day with a wealth of information at our fingertips our ignorance to the plight of these women, is a choice I refuse to make.

When the community is shown to hold a minorities belief in higher regard than our law, it is incredibly dangerous to the general population. If any man believes he does not have to control himself and women believe they are at fault, we are setting ourselves up to dive back into the 7th century when women had no rights whatsoever. In fact, if you listen, that is what the islamic leaders worldwide are calling for. They will be successful if we ignore their plans.

When it is a requirement to enter a bank or service station with an open face, then the burqa and niqab need to be included in this list also.

In a secular country we cannot regard one section of the communities religious beliefs or perception of insult to be more important than the need to protect everyone.

There are many countries that have put a ban in place for the security of their citizens, to combat extremism, for social integration and for the women in the wider community.. Some of those are; Syria, France, Belgium, Turkey, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia and The Netherlands. Lets add Australia to that list.


Ban the Burqa in Australia for National Security purposes

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