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Muslimah Freedom

‘If a fish lives its life in a fishbowl that is painted black on the outside, it can have no idea of the world outside the bowl’

My entire life I have fought against the stereotype of being the weaker sex. I've never accepted that I cannot do something purely because I was born a woman. Does this come from being born in a free society? Possibly. In Islam this goes much further than physically being the weaker sex. It runs into every facet of a woman's life. Islamic customs and sharia law restricts a woman in her education, employment, inheritance, genital circumcision, dress, marriageable age, birth control, divorce, sex, justice in the case of sex crimes, property rights and prayers. The Quran has outlined and structured the way in which a woman should live her life on a daily basis to protect her virtue and her families honour.

I find it incredibly difficult not to be horrified by what is happening to these women. I'm horrified by the 7th century practices women are submitting to for  what may or may not be God's word. A fair and loving god wouldn't have such hatred for a creation he himself made. This is the work of a bitter, twisted man. That man is the prophet Muhammad who is believed to be the example of a perfect man. Muhammad received the word of Allah that is now written down for all Muslims to follow in the Quran. Ironically, every communication he received served to justify his narcissistic desires in a twisted way.

What I can't understand is why the free world is not standing up and exposing this. Islam is a peaceful religion, its a minority interpreting the Quran in a radical way, right? So why are we afraid to stand up for the women who cannot stand up for themselves or even realise that they need standing up for? Are we scared of the repercussions of exposing this? Why?

Many ex-muslims are speaking out about the treatment they received in this male dominated culture and exposing it for what it is and yet the silence from our women's lib groups is deafening. Why? Is a fellow woman not entitled to the same treatment in this country as you yourself enjoy, if she had the misfortune of being born or unwittingly marrying into this culture? No. In the free world we need to protect those without a voice.

Muslimah repeatedly tell us they aren't dominated under this culture, and I'm sure that in some cases that is true. But how can you know what freedom feels like, if you have never felt it? Muslim women are led to believe by their male dominated culture that they are inferior to men, this is normal to her and if she thinks to challenge this, she is quickly shut down by passages in the Quran and hadith’s such as this from one of the prophets dreams where he explains what he saw in his dream and why it was happening to each woman.

"As for the woman who was hanged from hair, she would not cover her hair from men.* The woman who was hanged from her tongue, used to bring harm to her husband * The one who was hanged from her breasts, cumulated her husband’s bed. * The woman whose legs were tied to her breasts and hands to forehead and suffering from serpents and scorpions, would not clean her body from major impurity or menstruation, and neglected prayer. * The woman whose head was like a pig’s and had a donkey’s body, was a talebearer and liar.” (Entire passage at the end of this blog)

In a society that values the afterlife more than this life, is it any wonder that these teachings strike terror into women and restricts her from challenging her prophets dream and the treatment she recieves? Why is she treated like this? Because Muhammad wrote in the Quran that Allah has made man superior to women and if a woman disobeys him, he must punish her.
A peaceful God wouldn't need to use violence to further his pursuit for peace... thats the work of the devil.

A Muslim once told me “I’m not oppressed, my husband lets me drive a car and go to work”. Her husband ‘lets’ her. I replied “Freedom is choosing to do something you want, not deciding to do so for fear of the repercussions”. She couldn't understand the difference.

To understand just how far male dominance reaches into every facet of a Muslim woman’s life, lets look at marriage in Islam.

·         Sharia law states that a Muslim man can be married to four women at the same time
·         Women are only allowed one husband who must be a fellow Muslim.
·         Men can marry up to four wives as long as he can provide for them.
·         Shia Muslim Men may enter into temporary marriages that can last from an hour to a couple of months, the man must make a mandatory cash payment to his temporary bride effectively making her a prostitute concealed behind religion.

·         65-80% of marriages are between first and second cousins.
·         Forbidden marriages include marrying a biological father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, same sex marriage and the husband of a biological daughter and step father (but a man can marry his step mother or the wife of his biological son).

Child Brides
The life of Islam’s prophet determines many things and this is true when it comes to the age a girl is considered old enough to marry. Muhammad married 6 year old Aisha and consummated the marriage when she was 9.
·         In Saudi Arabia, the birth place of Islam, there is no minimum legal age a girl can marry
·         The marriageable age of the girl is determined by her biological age and her nearest male guardian.
·         Muslim communities in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and Nigeria argue that it is their Islamic right to marry girls under 15 years of age, regardless of the age of the male.
·         Marriage cannot be forced onto the girl
·         A girls silence is taken as consent as it show’s her virtue

Interfaith Relationships
·         A Muslim woman cannot marry a Non-Muslim male
·         She cannot leave Islam to marry a Non-Muslim male, (to leave Islam makes one guilty of apostasy, for which the punishment is death).
·         A man is allowed to marry a woman of a different faith. (Muslim’s explain the reason for this is because the wife must be subservient to her husband, since the Muslim is superior to those of other faiths, she cannot be subservient and superior at the same time).
·         Children born during the marriage automatically belong to the father or his nearest male relative ensuring the continuation of Islam. This is why the husband must be muslim.
·         There are severe punishments for a Muslim woman and a Non-Muslim man if marrying against the Sharia.

Marriageable rights
·         A married Muslim woman’s place is in the home.
·         A husbands place is in public.
·         The woman must fulfil her marital and maternal responsibilities by submitting to sex with her husband whenever he chooses.
·         A Muslim woman cannot say no to her husband.
·         She must raise the children and accept all responsibility for them. Though she has no legal rights to them.
·         The husband is responsible for the financial obligations.
·         The Quran gives the man the right of guardianship and superiority over the family structure in order to prevent dissension and friction between the spouses.
·         A man is permitted to admonish his wife, then lightly tap, push or beat her if she shows disobedience, disloyalty or rebellion.
·         Marriage is between the Muslim man and his wives.
·         Assets are not merged and there is no shared marital property.
·         Muslim women who stay at home and don’t work have no claims on the collective wealth.
·         In the case of her husband’s death, the majority of the estate is shared between the husbands closest male relatives, the wife will inherit one quarter.
·         If there were children born from the marriage, the inheritance is divided between the children with a small percentage given to the widow.
·         The female child will receive half as much inheritance as the son and the widow receives less than her daughters.

·         The husband can marry and have sex with as many women as he chooses including Non-Muslim slave girls who are married to Non-Muslim men.
·         After sex and menstruation, Muslim men and women must do a major cleaning ritual with water and ablutions, seeking forgiveness from God.
·         Sex between a woman and any man that she is not married to is a religious crime, including pre-marital sex and rape. The punishment for this crime is 100 public lashes or stoning to death where the woman is buried up to her waste and males throw ‘stones’ at her until she is dead. This practice is happening TODAY.
·         An accusation of rape must be made with four male eyewitnesses or a confession from the perpetrator, failure to have either of these is treated as a false accusation and punishable by flogging.
·         Sex with Non-Muslim slave women is not considered adultery.
·         This principle of religious crime only applies for unlawful sex between free Muslim men and free Muslim women.
·         Several Islamic countries, such as Morocco, allow rapists to avoid criminal prosecution if they marry their victim.

ISLAM'S DEPLORABLE AFTERLIFE OF MUSLIMAHS - Via F.A.I.T.H. - Forensic Audit of Islamic Traditions and History.
Ali Ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “I came to the Prophet accompanied with Fatimah but We noticed him weeping vehemently.
I said, “I sacrifice you with my father and mother, Messenger of Allah. Why do you weep?” 
He said, “O Ali, in the night Journey (Isra) when I was taken up to the sky, I saw some women of my nation suffering some types of torture. Therefore, I wept because of their severe tortures.
* I saw a woman who was hanging from her hair and her brain was boiling. 
* Another Woman was hanging from her tongue and a boiling fluid was being poured into her mouth. 
* Another woman whose legs were tied to her breasts and her hands to her forehead and another who was hanging from her breasts.
* Another whose head was like a pig’s and body like a donkey and suffered million types of torture
*Another woman who had the shape of a dog while the fire pierced her month until it left her body from the anus and the angels were also Scourging her with lashes of fire.
Upon hearing that, Fatimah asked. O darling and the pleasure of my eyes, what were they doing to Suffer such torture?
Then the Prophet said;
O daughter, as for the woman who was hanged from hair, she would not cover her hair from men.
* The woman who was hanged from her tongue used to bring harm to her husband
* The one who was hanged from her breasts cumulated her husband’s bed.
* The woman whose legs were tied to her breasts and hands to forehead and suffering from serpents and scorpions would not clean her body from major impurity or menstruation, and neglected prayer.
* The woman whose head was like a pig’s and had a donkey’s body was a talebearer and liar. 
*As for the last one, she used to remind recipients of her charity to them and was envious.
"O daughter, woe to her who disobeys her husband.”

Muhammad's scaremongering tactics and fertile imagination has mentally enslaved every woman who is unfortunate enough to be born a Muslim, marry a Muslim or convert to Islam..... but the silence in the West is deafening.


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