Friday, 18 September 2015

Open letter to PM Malcolm Turnbull

I've been incredibly angry since the announcement and subsequent coup you lead against Tony Abbott. Voter’s hands are now tied at the next election and we have little or no choices. We can vote for you or the labor party. Personally, I don't like either option for the simple fact that neither you nor the opposition leader appear to grasp the threat we face coming from the muslim world.

But, you are now the leader and as such you have a great challenge ahead of you. While immigration and multiculturalism is not your only duty, in these troubled times it is a major issue and is on the minds of Australians, white or black regardless of religion. I hope you respect the Australian people enough to listen to experts in this field, of which I am not one. But I read a lot. Whether or not you agree with them is irrelevant in these times. Facts are facts, even with a sugary coating.

Judging by the following quote you made on the ABC's Q and A program, I believe you are a long way from understanding. I must say, because of your ignorant views I'm increasingly worried about the future.

It is a great mistake to assume that all islamic schools are homes for teaching extremism. I mean islam is an ancient religion of great scholarship. I mean for heavens sake much of our learning and culture came to us from the muslims, just like, you know, our whole system of numbers and much of the learning of the ancient Greeks only survived because of the Arab scholars and the Islamic scholars. So, you know, the idea that islam is antithetical to learning or culture or scholarship is absurd. Now, you know, it's a great tradition. It is important for us that we promote and encourage islam. Islamic traditions which are moderate, which support freedom, which support democracy and which support Australian values not in the sense of Aussie values but in the sense of democracy, rule of law, tolerance, freedom. That's what we are talking about and they are universal values.

So this is your opinion. Opinion doesn't make something factual. Here's what I've learnt and the opinions I gathered since I bothered to look.

The idea that islam can embrace democracy is ludicrous when a muslim can't question an idea for fear of violence, either on this earth or in the afterlife. The koran and hadith go into great detail, repeatedly, on what hell is like should one ignore any of Muhammad’s teachings, it also gives a rather vague description of heaven. Young virgins, soft couches and rivers of wine await the devout muslim men. Heaven for women is irrelevant unless you’re a virgin and even those poor souls face drunken men ravaging them for their beauty and virginity. Where do they go once no longer a beautiful virgin? I digress.

How can islam possibly embrace democracy when not one single word of the koran has changed since it was written in the 9th century? For god’s sake, the koran says the world is flat, therefore you cannot say otherwise. Modern society has gotten to where it is today by learning. Learning what works and what doesn't. Christianity, Judaism and the myriad of offshoot religions have all evolved for our time. Islam hasn't. Islam can't. Obviously, as per your above quote you have trouble grasping this. Or maybe you're too scared to admit you understand? I hope for the latter.

You mentioned that islam has great scholars and is not antithetical to learning. Sure, provided said learning doesn't contradict or question anything from the koran or hadith. To progress is to learn by the past Mr Turnbull, but muslims cannot progress with us until they stop holding every single word a man of questionable mental state wrote as truth.... for example, 'the world is flat'. We know it isn't, but you can't say it, challenge it or change it. That would be blasphemy.

The muslim world has been going round and round for 1400 years. Living by a book that has never changed. Not once. Not a single word. Muhammad has managed to keep his followers in a never ending 9th century hell. He was a psychopathic genius.

If islam embraced learning, many books would be translated into Arabic. Women would be encouraged to get an education past puberty and be allowed to enter libraries in Saudi Arabia. An Arab Human Development report in 2002 found that the total number of books translated into Arabic yearly is no more than 330. The total number of books translated into Arabic during the 1,000 years since the age of Caliph Al-Ma’moun (a ninth-century Arab ruler) to this day is less than those translated into Spanish in a single year.

The Arab world's productivity is decreasing, scientific research is virtually non-existent and illiteracy afflicts half of Arab women. Islamic schools are about islam and how the infidels are going to the hellfire. Not about progression. Not about debating, questioning or learning. They are about being able to recite a book written 1400 years ago in ancient arabic having no idea of the translation into the language they do understand.

But you believe muslims are open to learning? Learning what exactly?

Your idea that islamic traditions can support freedom, democracy, Australian values and rule of law is ludicrous! These are not universal values Mr Turnbull, because muslims cannot accept any man made laws due to their OWN blasphemy laws! According to muslims, their prophet Muhammad was the perfect man and to question ANYTHING he said or did is blasphemy, punishable by death, muslim or non muslim. Usually by a family member to restore honour and keep Allah happy.

If muslims are to escape this, the solution isn't to resettle in other countries and demand we tolerate and accommodate their backward ways. The solution isn't to bomb the shit out of their countries making them worse by our ignorant and misguided good intentions. We are making it worse because we don’t understand it and if we do, god forbid we say it! Round and round and round. Muslims need a revision of Muhammad's teachings so that they can apply their faith to the times they currently live in. Maybe then they could remain peacefully in their islamic countries following only the nice parts of their religious culture. They wouldn't need to go to the great lengths they currently do to change ours. In Australia, its Merry Christmas, not happy fucking holidays, which is still a Christian holiday that gives you the day off work regardless of what you rename it.

I know, I'm a bigot for writing this.

Whether we like it or not, history is history Mr Turnbull and no amount of sugar coating, ignoring or rewriting can change it. Muhammad was a raving lunatic with a grandiose delusion that he could take over the (flat) world. He is alive and well inside the hearts and minds of all muslims today because they cannot bring themselves to question or revise his word.

I give you two words from the Arab world. Taqqiya and Kitman. A crash course for you: Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should be truthful to each other (other muslims), unless the purpose of lying is to smooth over differences. There are two forms of lying to non-believers (that's us) that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

Defeat them. Not live in peace with them. Defeat them so the whole world submits to Allah's will. By force if necessary. The Swiss government uncovered a 100 year plan called The Project, it details their plan to takeover by stealth. Maybe you should read it, the plan is progressing nicely due to our nature of seeing the good in people and ignoring the bad, because "they aren't all like that". News flash... not everyone has the same moral compass.

Freedom to a muslim is in the afterlife, it isn't freedom to choose her own path. That's what the better system of democracy allows. It isn't so that muslims can swoop in and take advantage of our generous system! The idea that we should tolerate and promote any of this is, in your words, absurd! This isn't rocket science Mr Turnbull and someone who claims to know what's best for our future should have, at the very least, a basic grasp on this... not encourage it! Unless, of course you are encouraging muslims to ditch Muhammad and bring the religion up to the 21st century with the rest of humanity. Another absurd concept. Not to mention arrogant. I think you'll be disappointed.

You are now the man with the top job. And I'm sure you will do well with many of your ventures. But if you refuse to acknowledge these basic truths and let islam in the back door granting concession after concession to those who don’t share the same moral compass, then everything you do achieve for this country will be for nothing. Because, the reality is, if you don't acknowledge this, then it won’t only be the 'bigots' who suffer.... you and yours will too. Those who stood with the muslims will suffer. Muslims will suffer, well any muslim who has a desire to live free of her religious restrictions anyway. Refusing to acknowledge any of this puts those who wish to leave this culture and join the 21st century in grave danger by the fundamentals they need protecting from.

I know you may gain 2% votes by being pro muslim. But there are also thousands of voters who are scared for our future, and more and more are slowly waking up and looking into why it is that wherever islam prospers, society doesn't. Wherever muslims have been let in, crime and unrest has risen. We constantly hear of Middle Eastern men committing acts of violence, refusing to stand for judges and being let out on bail because of cultural differences. Because they don't understand our wa? It isn't because they don't understand our way, it's because they don't respect our way. Why would they if they aren't made to?

Why do muslims hate us? (And they do hate us) Because we think we have a better system (and we do). We don't govern ourselves by Muhammad’s law. We are governed by learning and democracy, (at least we were until our government decided to start overthrowing the prime minister every other year). Learning what works and what doesn't. By ditching the inconsistent and downright ridiculous. Such as 'the world is flat'. *blasphemy alert* the world is round, like a globe! What makes you think by giving islam any concessions that muslims can, or will even want to embrace our standards and way of life? For freedom and peace? We are destroying future freedom by being ignorant and politically correct.
We are open, tolerant and freedom loving people. We are also stupid and naive. Some people have a different definition to what freedom means for them and no amount of cuddles, lollypops and welfare payments can or will change that.... despite your good intentions.

Now I'm not saying we should go around with pitch forks lynching muslims, obviously, because that's not our way. But we need to understand and acknowledge our differences. Start educating and encouraging them to change their ways. Stop allowing a recreation of what they fled in the first place. Stop granting special privileges for cultural sensitivity. Stop wanting and expecting them to be like us. Just stop. People are welcome to join OUR way.... we would never go to muslim countries and make demands. We'd accept their laws and customs. Muslims chose to join a society that was essentially built on Christian values. With Christian holidays. Sure, muslims can celebrate ramadan, but not if they believe they are discriminated against if an important event falls on one of their sacred days. A prominent muslim, Mohamad El Mouelhy has recently called the senate anti muslim because the halal inquiry happens to be held on a day he holds dear, so now we should know all of the special dates for everyone that calls Australia home? I don't want to go to work on my birthday, that’s an important day to me. But I don’t cry victim, I go to bloody work. Because I'm not a petulant child. Mr El Mouelhy, if it's important to you that muslims have every damn thing certified halal, I'm sure Allah won't mind if you attend the inquiry!

The childhood story of The Emperor’s New Clothes is ringing quite true here. Everyone can see the problem.... but not too many people have the guts to publicly acknowledge it head on. And those that do, need bodyguards to protect them from the muslims.

Islam's literal definition? Submission. Will you submit Mr Turnbull? Will your decisions make those who fled islamic regimes to again, submit? Will our grandchildren need to submit? Where will they flee to?

Tough love Mr Turnbull. Tough. Love.