Saturday, 6 June 2015

Aussie Women

Treatment of women in Australia by the Muslim community and the consequences, as told to me by a citizen who will remain anonymous.

This lead from a conversation we were having about #nofgm

Chrissy, it was a long time ago, but it is still ongoing today there is no secret about it.  I worked for the  (deleted to remain anon).

Muslim men, well dressed, well spoken, articulate and educated used to come in to the medical center and asked to book their daughters in for circumcision.  When I told them it was against our laws, and the answer was we wouldn't do it, they would abuse the living daylight out of me. Management didn't want to know about it, didn't want to speak about it. 

I have been molested by a Muslim doctor at Blacktown, he kept grabbing my breasts told me my medical for a job I was applying for wouldn't be good if I spoke out about it. I had to have an ultrasound at a Blacktown Medical Center, the doctor there would not allow me to put on a robe, he made me get under a sheet with my work clothes on (a black skirt and jacket and white shirt), he turned the lights off while he covered me or should I say tried to cover me in jel and I ended up in tears. My clothes and all of me sticky with jel everywhere, I complained to the management of the medical center on leaving, they said they knew about him others had complained also, and they were not renewing his lease (god knows when that was up) and they would take no action against him.

In this day and age (and this was happening 15 years ago and is still happening) these occurrences shouldn't be a part of our lives or our society.

People who have not lived and worked amongst Muslims but who live peacefully and happily among other ethnic groups need to wake up, other ethnic groups have kept their beliefs and customs and still integrated and respected us and our laws.  Muslims will never do that no matter how friendly they appear.

Every day I worked there I did the banking and Post Office run, and every single day I had men spit at me in Granville, call me a cunt and a whore, push me off footpaths, refuse to serve me in shops if others of their beliefs came into the shop.  In the end I left, and we moved to Queensland, I never want to live with that again.

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  1. I am wondering about even living in Australia! But, where can I go and be safe?