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Islam in Australia

On September 11 2001, 19 Muslim extremists bought America to its knees. While the Western world sat there shocked that this would happen, many in the East cheered.

We were dragged into a war that we didn't want to be in, or have any idea how to fight. 14 years later, and we are no closer to ending radical Islam's declared war on us, in fact it has become worse.

What are we doing wrong? It's simple. We are Westerners and we are infidels, while we live our way of life, the Koran forbids us to live in peace. Until we start to call extremism for what it is, and throw political correctness and the fear of offending out the window and change our tactics, we cannot understand it or know how to stop it.

The problem is Islam. Islam, the Koran and the way it looks at the world. Islam was built on one man's desire for power. To be a Muslim, one cannot escape the majority passages that are full of hate, violence, and justification that the extremists are following to the letter, though, many may want to, for the most part their silence is deafening.

Our own government is being accused of scaremongering the public. But the Government isn't creating the fear, Islam is. The government is being slandered while doing its best to protect us. We need to thank them, not blame them for the troubles Islam bought to these shores.

We often hear that the young Australians being charged with terror related crimes, joining ISIS and plotting terror attacks on home soil is ‘Nothing to do with Islam’ because ‘Islam is a religion of Peace’. If Islam is a religion of peace, why are people scared to offend Muslim’s?

We are being told by the Muslim leaders, that Australians are to blame for the disenfranchised youth turning to these hateful passages in the Koran, because they are made to feel that they don’t fit in….. But how can that be? We offered Muslim’s from many countries safety in Australia. But Islam does not let a Muslim fully integrate into our society. To fully take our offer makes the Muslim an apostate, and worthy of death, because it goes against Muhammad’s goals for his religion, world domination.

We are told that ISIS is a small minority of people who have interpreted the Koran in a hateful way. But Islam has many terror groups, Jemaah Islamiah, Al Quaeda, Al Shaabab, The Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas just to name a few. Islam hasn’t been hijacked, the Koran is full of justifications for the violence against non believers. ISIS are particularly scary because they use technology to scare people into submission by broadcasting these atrocities to the world.

We didn’t write the Koran, nor have we taught anyone what is written in it. The Imam’s and Sheiks teach the Non-Arabic speaking men and women what it takes to be a Muslim. How then, is it Australia’s fault that young men and women take the Koran quite literally and join these terror groups?

I find it incredibly offensive, that we are told to make concessions for a group of people that refuse to integrate into this society. How do we trust a minority group who insists that the infidel must have fear struck into his heart to quieten anyone who decides to criticise their religion? The Koran is based on the prophet Muhammad justifying his murderous desire for power, and Muslims believe that to accomplish world peace, they need to dominate the world. Does that make Islam peaceful?

Only 5 to 10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazi’s. How did that turn out?

I have taken it upon myself to research into what is going on and write about it. What I have discovered is a group of Muslims who are all intertwined, and connected to each other through the enclaves that they have created. The following is a small number of Australians that have turned to the hateful parts of the Koran to further the call for a world wide caliphate. Unfortunately, there are many, many more.

Zaky Mallah
Mallah was the first Australian charged under Anti Terror laws in 2003.
A video Mallah had made was the trigger for his arrest. Mallah reportedly made the video after he had been denied a passport.
Mallah spent two years in a high security prison while he awaited trial.
Mallah was acquitted of terrorism related charges, but, according to a paper by Andrew Zammit, he was convicted of the non-terrorism related offense of "threatening violence against a Commonwealth official”

Jake Bilardi
Changed his name to Abu Abdulla al-Australi, most commonly known as Jihadi Jake.
Bilardi has been labelled by the international media as a baby-faced White Jihadi ,whose background has been described as radically different from other Western recruits.
Died in a coordinated unsuccessful Suicide attack in, Ramadi Iraq, on 11 March 2015, killing only himself.
According to a friend, Bilardi was concerned his family would "spend eternity in hell" for being non-believers.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika 
Found guilty of plots on The m c g, Sydney’s Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor, and Melbourne’s Crown Casino.
One of 17 men arrested in Australia in November 2005, charged with being members of a terrorist organisation and of planning terrorist attacks.
Benbrika is alleged to be the spiritual leader of a radical offshoot group from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah Association, which allegedly has established ties with Jemaah Islamiah and al-Qaeda.
On 15 September 2008, Benbrika was found guilty on the charge of intentionally being the leader and a member of a terrorist organisation.
Concern has been expressed that while in jail Benbrika has been able to exert significant influence in spreading jihadist ideology.
Associates and relatives of his have died fighting for isis.

Man Haron Monis
Gunman at the Sydney Lindt Cafe Siege where he held 18 Australian’s hostage for 17 hours.
Monis promoted himself as an Iranian intelligence official, a political activist, a spiritual healer and expert in black magic, an outlaw bikie and a Muslim cleric.
Monis ran a "spiritual healing" business, telling some women that they needed to submit to sexual molestation to receive treatment.
In 2014, Monis was charged with accessory to murder of his ex-wife. While on bail, and facing a likely lengthy imprisonment, he declared allegiance to isis and the Levant.
Monis was investigated by ASIO four times, after more than 40 phone calls were made to the National Security Hotline.
In Granville New South Wales, Monis gave a lecture calling for an Islamic society, and taunting foreign governments saying, “your intelligence service is not working properly.”
In October 2014, Monis wrote a letter to George Brandis' office seeking advice on the legality of communicating with isis.
At the time of Monis death, he had recently converted from Shia Islam to the Radical Sunni Islam.

Numan Haider
Haider lived in Narre Warren Victoria, and was of Afghan descent.
He was one of 40 to 50 Australian citizens who had had their passports cancelled due to fears that they would join I S and the Levant.
Haider is reported to have attended the police station to discuss his cancelled passport. Two police officers from Victoria Police and the AFP approached him in the car park.
Haider produced a knife, and slashed the Victorian officer across the arm. He turned on the AFP officer, and first stabbed him in the face and chest. When the officer collapsed, Haider climbed on top of him, and repeatedly stabbed him. The police officer ordered Haider to drop the weapon, then shot him fatally in the head.
Haider was carrying two knives, and the black flag associated with isis.

Omar Al Kutobi & Mohammed Kiad
Accused of plotting an imminent terrorist attack on Sydney streets on, 17th Feb 2015.
Police allege the pair were poised to harm or kill someone using a large knife, before counter-terrorism police raided their home at Riverview Road Fairfield days before the attack, after receiving a tipoff from the public.
Police say they found a machete, a hunting knife, a homemade Islamic State flag, and a video recording.
It's believed one of the men starred in the video, which referred to committing a terrorist attack in the name of Islamic State, as revenge for incidents occurring overseas.

Khaled Cheikho, Moustafa Cheikho, Mohamed Ali Elomar, Abdul Rakib Hasan, and Mohammed Omar Jamal
Arrested in Sydney over a 2005 Sydney terrorism plot.
The men were arrested on charges of planning an act of terrorism targeting Sydney.
The group were found guilty on 16 October 2009, and were sentenced on 15 February 2010, for terms up to 28 years.
It is claimed that the men were motivated by a belief that Islam was under attack.
The five allegedly had links to Abdul Nacer Benbrika.
Police searches of their homes discovered instructions on bomb-making, 28,000 rounds of ammunition, 12 rifles, militant Islamist literature, and footage of beheadings carried out by Islamists.
According to the prosecution, the men purchased explosive chemicals and guns between July 2004, and November 2005.

Joseph "Jihad Jack", Terrence Thomas
Accused of providing resources to assist in a terrorist act.
Jihad Jack travelled to Pakistan and Afghanistan after he married and converted to Islam.
The first Australian to be convicted under anti-terrorism laws introduced in Australia after the 9/11 attacks. He was sentenced on 31 March 2006, to five years prison, with a non-parole period of 2 years.
An Australian federal magistrate made an assessment that Thomas is capable of launching a terrorist attack, and that his wife has links to the alleged spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiah, Abu Bakar Bashir.
On 28 August 2006, Thomas had the conviction overturned and was issued with a control order with the following restrictions:
       He must abide by a curfew, confining him to his home from midnight until 5am each morning.
       He is allowed only one mobile phone, one land line, and is prohibited from using pay phones.
       He is required to seek written approval to make telephone calls.
       He is not to communicate with a list of persons identified as terrorists, including Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
       He must not leave Australia.

Faheem Khalid Lodhi
Convicted terrorist accused of plotting to bomb the national electricity grid, Sydney Army Base Victoria Barracks, the Naval Base HMAS Penguin, and the Army Training Area Holsworthy Barracks.
During his trial, the court was told he trained in Pakistan with Lashkar-e-Toiba, and still had contact with them using mobile phones registered under false names. At the ruling, the Judge commented that Lodhi had "the intent of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause, namely violent “jihad", and to "instil terror into members of the public, so that they could never again feel free from the threat of bombing in Australia".
In August 2006, he was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment, with a 15-year non-parole period. He is classified as a high-security "AA" prisoner, and will be eligible for parole in 2019.

David Matthew Hicks
An Australian whose controversial conviction for providing material support for terrorism has been struck down on a technicality, because the charge was invalid as the law did not exist at the time of the alleged offence.
Hicks was detained after being involved in para-military training at Al Farouq training camp in Afghanistan during 2001.
In April 2007, Hicks was returned to Australia to serve the remaining nine months of a suspended seven-year sentence. During this period, he was precluded from all media contact.
Hicks converted to Islam in 1999, and took the name Muhammed Dawood. He was later publicly denounced due to his lack of religious observance.
Hicks now lives in Sydney and has written an autobiography.

Khaled Sharrouf
In 2005, Sharrouf was charged along with eight other Sydney men, over the biggest terrorism plot in Australian history. He was charged with possessing items to be used for a terrorist act, – six clocks, and 140 batteries he stole from a Big W store.
Sharrouf fell in with a crowd at Australia's most infamous prayer hall, located on Haldon Street in Lakemba.
In August 2005, Sharrouf was recorded on a listening device proclaiming his hatred for Australia. "Forget Australia law, ... Australia law get stuffed, finished ... give us all back our passports, and we will leave," he said.
The group's spiritual leader was Melbourne sheikh Abdul Nacer Benbrika.
December 2013, Sharrouf slipped out of Australia travelling on his brother's passport, headed for Syria looking to die in Jihad, as a martyr.
He is suspected of starring in a sickening Islamic State beheading video heavily bearded, dressed in khaki, and holding a knife, standing behind a man accused of being a spy’.
He joined isis with more than 100 other Australian’s, and has posed in photo’s holding decapitated heads of Syrian soldiers. Sharrouf also had his 7 year old son hold up the severed head of a soldier with the caption, 'that's my boy'.
Sharrouf’s wife and children wish to return to Australia because of poor living conditions. The Immigration minister says the 5 children may be put in care if they return from Syria with their mother.
There is no indication Sharrouf himself is looking to return.

 Sharky Jama
A 25 year old male model from Melbourne, was reportedly living in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, and fighting alongside I S militants.
Sharky was connected to Sydney street Dawah preacher, Abdul Salam Mahmoud, and self-styled sheik, Junaid Thorne.
Sharky used Facebook posts to describe his “dreams of entering paradise”. “When I am asleep I dream of jannah, when I am awake I fight to see its gates, and when I am in sujood I pray for protection from the blazing fire,” he said. “Jannah (paradise), so close.”
Sharky was shot dead in Syria in April 2015.

Harun Causevic & Sevdet Besim
Counter terrorism police allege the two men were planning an Islamic State inspired terrorist attack, and were arrested in Melbourne during anti-terror raids in March 2015.
It is alleged by police that the attack was targeting police officers involving ‘edged knives’, during an Anzac day ceremony.
It is understood that a number of the arrested men attended the Al Furqan Islamic study centre in South Springvale, and were associates of Numan Haider who also attended the centre.

Abu Jihad Al-Australi 
The 23 year old Australian man, formerly known as Suham Rahman, was killed in Syria while fighting alongside isis for 7 months.
A photo of the dead man was posted on twitter, and his Facebook account contained messages of support for the Charlie Hebdo gunmen, and threats to “spill blood” in Australia.
Rahman has previously been the subject of an investigation by police into a threat made against an Australian newspaper with a post that read, “theres no good left in you, if none of you do something about the australian newspaper mocking our prophet, peace be upon him. Dont be cowards."

Omarjan Azari & Mohammad Baryalei
Azari was arrested after a phone call between himself and Australian I S kingpin, Mohammad Baryalei, when Azari decided he would follow Mohammad’s instructions and ‘pick a random unbeliever, and kill them before covering them in the Islamic State flag’.
Azari was charged with preparing to commit a terrorist act after police raids across Sydney in September 2014.
The court heard Baryalei said it would serve as a message: “As you kill our people, we will also kill your people one by one”.

The name's of known jihadists from Australia, either fighting or died fighting in Syria / Iraq.

Neil Prakash – Abu Khaled al-Cambodi
Adam Dahman
Sammy Salma
Yusuf Toprakkaya
Roger Abbas
Zehra Duman
Mahmoud Abullatif
Yusuf Yusuf
Irfaan Hussein
Mohamed Elomar
Mostafa Mahamed
Mustapha Al Majzoub
Zakaryah Raad
Ahmad Moussalli
Caner Temel
Abu Nour al-Iraqi
Abdullah Elmir
Ahmad Al-Ghazzawi
Taha Elbaf
Hamza Elbaf
Bilal Elbaf
Omar Elbaf
Abdul Salam Mahmoud
Hodan Abby
Hafsa Mohamed
Abu Yusuf
Ahmed Succarieh
Abraham Succarieh
Yusuf Ali
Amira Ali
Zia Abdul Haq

Sheikh Mustapha Al Majzoub



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