Monday, 7 December 2015


So.... the UK bleeding hearts have come up with yet another hashtag to fight terrorism with their naive assumptions that islamic terror has nothing to do with #islam.

The latest one is #youaintnomuslimbruv     come up with when footage of a bystander called out "you aint no muslim bruv" to Muhaydin Mire while he went on a terrorist rampage through a London tube train station. The person who turned this into yet another hashtag fest clearly doesn't understand islamic scripture or history and instead listens to the bullshit rhetoric our appeasing leaders and media are spewing trying to keep calm in the community. These hashtags are designed to support the moderate muslims in the community, though by default they forget the victims. The #bleedinghearts have fallen all over each other to convince themselves that islam is peace when they clearly have NO IDEA whether it is or isn't.

Firstly, Muhaydin Mire attempted to behead a 56 year old man, which fits in perfectly with islamic doctrine and what we see happening in the world not only today, but throughout history also. Instructions regarding decapitation can be found in both the Quran, the Hadith as well as the Siras. The Quran itself mentions decapitation twice, including a verse concerning fighting unbelievers, in which it implores Muslims to "strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; then bind the prisoners tightly." Much of the justification for beheading however, comes from the Siras and Hadiths rather than the Quran itself. The Siras, the number of traditional biographies of Muhammad, speak of decapitation on numerous occasions, several of which portray beheadings ordered directly by Muhammad himself.

He called out "this is for Syria". Islamic doctrine allows war in self-defence (Qur'an 22:39), to defend Islam (rather than to spread it), to protect those who have been removed from their homes by force because they are Muslims (Qur'an 22:40), and to protect the innocent who are being oppressed (Qur'an 4:75). This man clearly thinks he was defending Syrians who have been removed from their homes due to the war on ISIS. Muslims worldwide believe the war on terror is actually a war on muslims. Do some research on why they turn to islamism and jihadism, it becomes clear very quickly.

Birth place - Somalia. 99.8% islamic country.

Muslim? Damn good chance of it.

Please stop making up bullshit hashtags and CONFRONT THE DAMN PROBLEM!



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