Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Open letter to Mel Gregson, No Room for Racism

Ms Gregson,

I'm writing this letter for a couple of reasons, but mainly as a response to some statements you have made to justify why you created No Room for Racism.

Firstly, the definition of Hypocrite - 'A person who feigns a desirable or publicly approved attitude, though when on closer inspection whose private life, opinions, statements or actions fail to justify his or her public statements'. Why is this relevant? Well, because I think you are a hypocrite. Let me explain why.

Quote "I respect freedom of speech but, people need to be held accountable."

First of all, when someone says they respect freedom of speech "BUT".... it means they don't respect freedom of speech. It's like saying "I'm not racist but" and then saying something racist... The "but" is put there to counter any objections. Using the word "but" in this circumstance is to introduce a phrase which contrasts what has already been mentioned. Look up the definition of 'but' if you're unsure of its use in this situation.
Secondly, actions speak louder than words. In this case, your actions have demonstrated, that what you really mean is you only respect speech you agree with. I'd like to take this opportunity to point you to article 19 of the UN declaration of Human Rights, which states; 'Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. This right includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.'

I'm not sure you understand the concept when it's someone with a differing opinion, your actions certainly indicate as much. Freedom of speech means no one has the right to forcefully shut down those with an opposing view. It means no one can pick and choose who they allow to speak. It means you can openly state your opinion without the fear of violence or stereotypical labels. It means you can disagree, but you cannot forcefully stop them from voicing their opinion REGARDLESS of your thoughts on the matter. Freedom of speech needs protecting, it needs to be something we as free people hold dear. If we didn't have freedom here, you wouldn't be able to make the public spectacle of yourself you have become known for whenever something causes your outrage barometer to go off the chart. Instead of being arrested at these protests you organise, you would simply disappear, never to be seen again. That is how outspoken misfits are dealt with in countries where freedom of speech and critical thinking is unacceptable. Is that really what you want for Australia?

Debate and freedom of speech is what makes our country one of the greatest to live in, why people want to come here fleeing awful circumstances, why they put their children in rickety boats and how we have progressed as a multicultural nation. But here are you and your social justice nutjob’s, shutting it down by force, under the guise of tolerance. Do you really want our freedoms eroded because someone disagrees?! #shame

This crap that people need to be held accountable for what they say, how on earth are you holding them accountable? By blocking their way and using violence to stop them? Wouldn't it be more progressive and tolerant, not to mention less violent to hold them accountable by holding a civilised demonstration where you peacefully refute what Reclaim are saying? Stereotyping and labelling your opposition is not a credible argument. Using racist, bigot or islamophobe doesn't mean you win, it means you really have no idea on the topic and have needed to resort to shitty labels to shut down your opposition.

No, you don't respect freedom of speech and you certainly aren't holding anyone accountable. Who are you to say who can and cannot utilise their right to freedom of speech? Who are you to think you are the only one allowed to organise rallies on the streets? Who are you to accuse those with a different viewpoint and who have actually done a lot of research or survived an islamic takeover of lying? #narcissist

Another quote "When ideas turn into a violent movement on the streets we need to pay closer attention"

Sounds pretty reasonable on the surface and I agree, but when I have a look at your Facebook page, I find it is full of posts such as "we need to stop Reclaim Australia" and encouragement for people to do whatever they can, so they CAN'T hold their rally. Again, actions speak louder than words and in this case, we see clear footage of you with your rag tag mob creating human blockades at the entrances to Reclaim’s event, shoving people, burning flags and chanting bullshit slogans. That behaviour intentionally incites anger and subsequently violence, but that's what you had in mind. You created a violent movement on the streets and you need to own it. #hypocrite

Funnily enough, I didn't see you protesting when muslims in Sydney took over the streets in 2012 because of a You Tube video that insulted their warlord prophet. That protest was full of violence, they knocked a police member unconscious and scared the crap out of the community in the process. Why were you silent about that violent movement on the street? Do you think muslims have a right to freedom of speech, but their opposition doesn't? Or are you scared to challenge them for fear of being labelled an intolerant islamophobe? How does this even make sense to you? It doesn't make sense and you clearly haven't stopped to think about any of this. You said you are stopping a violent movement when what you did is create a violent situation where members of the community were hurt. Not exactly progressive, tolerant behaviour Mel.

Now, you made mention of the police allowing Neo Nazis to protest in the streets, this sentence alone shows that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I'll bring you up to speed, Islamic doctrine instructs muslims to kill all Jews. Only then will their judgement day arrive. KILL ALL JEWS, Just like Hitler and his army of Neo Nazis. Ask a Mujahedeen if you don't believe me, that doesn't mean that all muslims want to kill Jews, but it does show that your interpretation of a Nazi is downright ridiculous. Your ignorance and stupid labels astound me. I could go on all day about the atrocities Muslim extremists have committed against Jews, but I'll leave it there and trust that before opening your mouth on Neo Nazis, you'll actually educate yourself on the topic. #knowyourhistory

The name of your group alone is hypocritical, it becomes clear when watching the footage of the aboriginal man ranting about how he doesn't want to be part of a white Australia constitution. Aside from being completely off topic, I found this highly offensive as it suggests to anyone who isn't aboriginal, that this country isn’t their home and they don't belong here. Ironically others had signs that say "refugees are welcome here". What this rant suggests is that Australia belongs to the Aboriginals and immigrants aren’t welcome, nor do they get the right to a voice. Or is it only white people who don't get the right to a voice? Your rally against racism doesn't make sense, in fact, this is racism at its finest. This man excluded the ethnic minorities we have welcomed here which is in direct contradiction of what your rally against racism is all about! But this is how you managed to get the numbers to block your opposition. By exploiting minorities. How can you even think you have a credible argument when your rally against racism is, in fact, rife with racism? #ludicrous

Another of your supporters was a female muslim doctor saying that you can't blame cultural problems on islam, but in this case you can. I'll assume you haven't done a great deal of reading the koran so I'll give you a brief rundown. In islamic doctrine it's perfectly acceptable to beat a woman, to lock her in the house until she dies, to stone her if she commits the grave sin of being raped. No one is saying violence against women is purely an islamic problem, what we are saying is that according to islam it’s perfectly acceptable and we are outraged about the misogynistic teachings. Why the hell aren't you?

Ironically, Socialist Alliance which you are a member of, have the audacity to stage protests on violence towards women but won't talk about the muslim women being beaten, raped or killed in a culture that dictates this treatment. Isn't that a little racist oh femnazis? If it's a white Australian woman we'll create events like Reclaim the Night but if it's a muslim woman..... Silence. #racist

In contrast to your demonstrators, the overwhelming majority of Reclaimer's were regular Mums and Dads who are concerned about the rise in islamic violence in Australia, I dare say there are muslims afraid of just that too, are they irrelevant in your stand against racism? Reclaim began from a woman who narrowly escaped being in the Lindt Cafe when an islamic nutjob took those poor people hostage and created our first real act of islamic terror. Can you imagine just for a second how she must have felt, knowing that purely by chance she wasn't in there with her young daughter? Had you bothered to listen for even a minute after hearing the word 'muslim' you would have stopped yourself from becoming the pest you are. Until recently, no one even knew who started the Reclaim movement, for all you knew it could have been a concerned muslim not wanting to see the islamic terrorism they'd successfully fled, reach our shore. #ignoranceisachoice

How on earth can you think if we don't oppose the call for radical islam to dominate us that the radicals won't be successful? Take a look around the world, islam has been very successful in conquering community after community, country after country, by scaring the shit out of people with violence should anyone dare to criticise it. And you're opposed to violence? But here you are silent on this topic.

I doubt you've done any research whatsoever, I'd go as far as to say you are assuming islam is a religion of peace, when you really have no idea whether it is or isn’t. Using I win words such as racist, bigot and islamophobe will only get you so far in this debate. Debate is the exact thing that needs to happen on this topic, you can't shut down those you disagree with saying things such as 'I respect freedom of speech but' and some crap about violent movements and then acting in a way that completely contradicts everything you've said.

Ms Gregson, I think you should sit back and have a good hard look at yourself and work out what it is that you and your goons are actually counter rallying, because at the moment your outrage is clouding your judgement.

For everyone else, I've complied a short video for your amusement. I give you Mel’s public antics.

Mel Gregson - Social Justice Warrior



  1. Very well written. Would love to see response to this but I know it won't happen anytime soon.

    1. Would go something like this...........RACIST BIGOT NAZI........NAZI BIGOT RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. OMG this is so amazing and im hoping that horrible woman sees it and gets to read how others see her and her actions...thank you Chrissy on all our behalfs...

    3. the problem is under sharia law you have no right as a woman nor freedom speech as a person also do you condone the mutilation of girls and the bastardisation of boys that racist not to belief in that

  2. Thankyou for being so honest and putting your arguments so clear and easy to read and understand. I am sure you will not be alone in what you have stated here in this letter. I am so over being called a racist, bigot by the likes this Hypocrite and her cronies.

  3. Thank you for saying so well what many Australians are thinking. Though I usually categorise ignorance as a lack of knowledge that can be remedied, stupid is a choice. I add a link to an interesting article, for Mel's edification, of a discussion between Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz with Tony Jones on Lateline.

  4. Beautiful work. Couldn't have said it better. I am sharing and resharing this.

  5. ignorance the word that seems to be thrown around so much but the one thing the leftwing seem to forget is the only ones that seem to be ignorant are the left wing for we the Australians that care about this land research every detail before we open our mouths if you take the time to ask say ten people from both sides of the wall all ten from the left side will say the right side are racist and bigots and that is all they will say when asked to explain how they come to that conclusion they will not be able to define a real reason apart from because they are ask ten members from the right wing and you will get all reasons but the difference will be they will in detail tell you their reason and have the proof to back it up these are a few reason i fight to stop Islam 1, my right not to fear being killed for not being Moslem 2, my family and friends that are females not having the rights to live in a safe place ways from being raped or murdered fr not being moslem due to the fact moslem females are being killed and raped still 3, the right to be different from everyone else without being killed for it 4,not to be a slave to a fake god that for starters was a killer 5, the right to Question faith without fear of death no-one should live in fear but if you let Islam grow here we will see more killings lets not make the same mistakes as England, Spain, Greece,and German. some of you mite think why i have not said the U.S.A well my one answer to that is they are all ready fucked it was all over in 2008 when they voted in Obama

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  7. The reality of these people is that they believe in social chaos -- it is their formula for the remaking of the society. It is odd then that a confirmed anti-establishment figure, who comes from an anti-establishment organisation, is validated by the mainstream. Mel Gregson will never worship in a mosque, but she fights for the Moslem -- presumably both Shia and Sunni (who hate each other) -- because she wants the majority Australian culture abolished. To her, and her socialists, the majority is the problem. The individual matters most. And that is another central hypocrisy, because the politics she is aligned with are "communal", which posits the majority. So she is not really against a majority, she is against the Australian majority. In this position, she is also against capitalism, but her actions and those of fellow passive-aggressive activists are totally working WITH global capitalism in ITS aims to abolish national identity and replace it purely with economy. This is why you always hear how immigrants are "good for the economy". Each disrespects culture, so they make curious bedfellows. Frankly, though, I believe there is a obstinate immaturity in both her world-view and that of her cohorts. Being socialists, or living their romantic idea of revolutionary years in a post-industrial context, there is nothing about anything they espouse that suggests they are willed towards free speech. In fact, by supporting all areas of Moslem identity they are validating against it, given the ambition of that community for a global caliphate based on the imposition of their religious dogma. Which is ANOTHER hypocrisy: given that socialists disavow religion.

  8. Well done well written thank you ...sadly I doubt you will get a response form her group and I even have doubts that they will even have the decency to read it

  9. The moronic twat will never read it, sadly.

  10. Brilliant, esp the video. So well written.

  11. so good to see clear thinking well educated peoples opinion for a change...thank you for that

  12. Smelly Melly....Mel......I don't know how a woman gets to be such an enormous wanker, but have burst through the glass ceiling and can claim the title of, Biggest Female Wanker in Australia.....You nearly lost the title to Sharia Headbang-Dung, but your brand of retardism is breathtaking. I sincerely hope, you put your honour [sorry, didn't mean to use the word honour, as I know you don't know it's meaning]....never the less, put your honour where your mouth is, go to Africa and care for the sick ebola kids....with a bit of luck, you might catch it.

  13. I found myself clapping in my head while reading this. You are so spot on! Even the ABC on lateline last night seemed to have a done a bit of a turnaround when it came to Islam, and an actual educated and realistic segment what shown on the problems....... not being interfered for once with idealistic arguments. Maybe common sense is starting to prevail over political correctness, realism over idealism and we can have a proper debate over this issue. A very very important issue at the moment the whole world over.

  14. Great work! How can you argue with that logic. Mel's rebuttal would be "you're a racist, bigot, xenophobic, neo-nazi". Thats about all they can say, but these terms are loosing their power and becoming quite funny when someone tries to use them.

  15. If you go to their webpages, you will see there can be no discourse with any form of intelligence, anarchy and ultra socialism is the order of the day here, and violent anarchy their go to position.

  16. Awesome join Q Society and spread your wisdom and better still join Australian Liberty Alliance.
    Thank you such an insite into the leftie doctrine

  17. Bravo Chrissy, once again you have hit the nail on the head with eloquence, fact and wisdom.
    Thank you for your common sense.

  18. Brilliant piece of writing, Thank you Chrissy Clarke

  19. This is just riddled with logical inconsistencies. It was painful to read.

  20. Well done Chrissie! Logical and factual but, sadly, Mel and her acolytes lack enough brain power to decode the words let alone understand the concepts.