Thursday, 11 February 2016

Response to the Let them stay hashtag

Recently two Social Justice Warriors have scaled a tall building... or bridge, in protest to the Governments tough boat people policies and calling on the Government to #letthemstay. Now I’m not one to agree with much of what our government does, but in this case I think they have it right. I also think that if these people did just that, think, they would see that their actions are quite ridiculous. They show they have no idea of the issues and only think with their hearts not with their brains on what will happen when we show weakness and the people smugglers take advantage of not only us, but the people desperate enough to pay, often their life savings, to get onto these boats.

They are the first to protest when the boats start coming and kids are drowning at sea again.... but then they protest when the boats stop coming because kids are 'tortured', usually by other detainee’s.

No one wants to see children tortured.... and no one wants to see children drown at sea. Just like no one wants to see countless people in refugee camps overseas in much worse conditions for longer periods of time than necessary when we could process them if we weren't tied up with people trying to rort the system and manipulate us. And we are being manipulated because we are compassionate people, when the Government stopped allowing those who were self-harming access to Australia… the self-harming stopped. You show one chink in the armour of our boat people policy and they will start again. The deaths at sea will start again. And these protesters still won't be happy, they'll be scaling tall buildings over that.

A dead child on the beach created international outcry, which then turned out to be untrue with the child strategically placed to pull at our heart strings. The father was the people smuggler with the men on that boat being the only one’s wearing life jackets leaving the women and children in danger, where is the outcry on that? There is none, it’s curiously quiet. ABC told us that a 5 year old boy was raped in Nauru, which again created outrage, then in a matter of days ABC retracted the story and admitted it was embellished. The child was sexually assaulted by another child a few years older who was in detention also. Again, the silence is deafening. These SJW’s are jumping up and down about things that aren’t happening, but are curiously quiet when girls are killed for disgracing the family honour, when girls are denied education or to play with the boys in school, when young girls are forced to marry, when 900 girls suffer FGM… IN AUSTRALIA. Or women are stoned to death, heads and hands are chopped off for meaningless crimes in Saudi Arabia in what is known as ‘chop chop square’ on islam’s holy day, Friday. That’s peace right there hey. The islamic holy day consists of violence against its own for ‘crimes’ that had they happened in the civilised world, the perpetrator is the victim, not the one losing their head.

But I digress.

Why don't these SJW's see this? They want to take them all. Rapists, child molesters, murderers. People who don't come from a civilised world.... and then, they don't want to hold these people accountable when they break the law and hurt someone because they ‘don’t know any other way’, they want us to tolerate the intolerable because they cannot bring themselves to criticise minorities… even when the minority does hideous and barbaric acts. Who gets a little uncomfortable when 4 or 5 Sudanese men are together? I certainly do, and why is that? Ah… because they deliberately intimidate women and aren’t expected to behave in a manner that the rest of the community is held to. Multiple cultures CAN NOT succeed in its current form of backward discrimination.

Then there's the issue of where we put queue jumpers. Do we keep shoving them into cities creating more strain on infrastructure? Apparently not because SJW’s jump up and down about a new road being built to accommodate all the extra people we have here (Google ‘Mel Gregson East West Link’). So what? Put them in the desert? Sure, they're probably used to that... but most of Australia is currently uninhabitable. And dare I say, if we tried to make it habitable, aborigines would jump up and down about 'their' land being taken. And how would we pay for that anyway? The money has to come from somewhere, probably from those who are expected to sit back quietly while refugees recreate what they fled, while the ones who want them here are at Uni learning how not to criticise minorities or use critical thinking. Here's an idea, how about we stop wasting money on useless things such as this, welfare payments for the majority of refugees or roads that aren't even being built so that we CAN share our 'boundless plains'.... once we're capable of doing do. Right now, we're looking after our distant neighbours yard and neglecting our own.

These bleeding hearts are STUPID. Fix the issue in the detention centres and #sendthemback they are still better off in detention, than where they came from. Send those who are doing the raping and manipulating back to where they came from so that those who ARE deserving can be safe while being processed. Fire the guards who are not acting humanely, and STOP tying the hands of the Government because you haven’t stopped to think about the entire picture. STOP placing your own ‘white guilt’ onto the Government and do something productive… like standing up to those who are placing their female children in despicable situations.

Intolerant to stupidity.

Here’s a demonstration of stupidity in action… wasting money on this little stunt that could be spent on processing those suffering in camps.

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  1. Well said. You cover just about everything. This post is pure gold.